How to Get a Scholarship to Study in Canada?

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Nowadays we all are living in a global world. Science or sociology says that the world becomes a global village. If you see the world you can notice about different kinds of culture, social activities, or different types of living styles.

There are 196 countries in the world. Every county has a different appearance. Some of them are good at agriculture, some of them are good for better lifestyles, some of them have a better education system, etc.

Among all the countries in the world, Canada is commonly known for having a better education system than the other countries, especially for Bangladeshi students. Canada sticks out as an absolute place for study toward academic caliber, affordability, and occurrence.

Every year there are lots of Bangladeshi students apply for the scholarship in Canada. From improving occupation probability to a whole up to date global mindset there are so many advantages to an international reservation.

“Be a student as long as you still have something to learn, and this will mean all your life.” — Henry L. Doherty

How Bangladeshi students can get a scholarship in Canada

Now let’s talk about how BD students can get a scholarship in Canada. To start studying as an international student, there is a range of arrival specification that should have a student.

Firstly, all of the students must know about the English language. IELTS (The International English language testing system) is the best solution for English language skills. IELTS measures the language proficiency of a student who wants to study abroad and worldwide emigration.

Communication is very important for a student who wants to study abroad and if a student has an IELTS Test, it's very easy to get a scholarship.

If a Bangladeshi student wants to apply for the IELTS test, need a credit/debit card to make payment online or pay by cash in IDP (International Education Specialists) Bangladesh, and register.

Students also can register for the IELTS test by British Councils Bangladesh. For the IELTS test, it will cost around 17500 taka.

After the IELTS test, student needs to study will vary depending on the level of education that students want to study. For example, some courses will essential the student has done a substructure course before applying for a degree.

All universities and schools have various types of entry requirements, so students should know very carefully about the information related to the course from the universities or school websites. Students should begin their application process at least a year advance to give enough time for their applications to be processed. They also should concern that the academic year start at different times of the year in different countries.

In Canada, there are three times to start studying and those are, primary intake which starts in August/September, spring intake is also called smaller intake which starts in January/February and the last one is summer intake which starts in May/Jun. Summer intake has some limited programs. The top courses in Canada are Hospitality and tourism, health and Science, Engineering, Business, Agriculture Science, Computer and IT, etc.

There are two types of scholarship, The Canadian Government Scholarship, and The Non-Government Scholarship. Also, some individual Canadian universities give scholarships abroad to students. Students can apply for colleges, diploma courses, postgraduate master’s degrees, doctoral degrees, MBA, and also apply for undergraduate program scholarship. The cost of studying in Canada is very affordable.

If a Bangladeshi student wants to study in Canada the student will need a Canadian study permit or Canadian student visa.
There are two types of visa:
1. Depend on program duration (short-term visas, long term visas);
2. Stand on type of program/student;

Students can start his student visa application once when he gets confirmation of his admission to his selected university or institution. If a student contact IDP counselors, they can guide him very easy for the application process. Many corrupted consolatory farms are now active, they miss guiding the students and their parents too. So, need to be very concerned about the point. Students should contact such kind of counselor's farms that can give them support also after getting a university acceptance letter. And also ensure the support in every stage of the study journey.

Lastly, students should be a clear concept about the procedures. And they should try to know an approximate amount that they need before applying to Canada for a scholarship and also check the university and all the possible overview of that university. Canadian culture and law are different than Bangladesh, so students also acknowledge it.