The 10 Best Bangladeshi Restaurants in Dubai

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Bangladeshi cuisine has grown appeal in recent years in Dubai, which is renowned for its diversified and multicultural culinary scene. With a large Bangladeshi expatriate community, Dubai has many delectable Bangladeshi restaurants that give a sample of the country's rich food heritage. From traditional meals to fusion cuisine that combines Bangladeshi and other foreign tastes, these restaurants provide an unforgettable eating experience.

Many Bangladeshi restaurants have been becoming popular in Dubai, serving a range of flavorful South Asian dishes. Traditional Bangladeshi food, such as fish curry, biryani, and dal, is served in these places. Many of these restaurants also have a cozy ambiance, showing Bangladesh's unique hospitality.

This article will investigate the 10 best Bangladeshi eateries in Dubai based on customer feedback, cuisine quality, service, and general eating experience. These restaurants offer a variety of tastes and price ranges, ranging from cheap to expensive. Each restaurant has its distinct flavor and charm, with something for everyone.

From rich and delicious curries to mouthwatering kebabs, these eateries will take you to Bangladesh while you experience the vibrant and multicultural ambiance of Dubai. So, without any further hesitation, here are the top ten Bangladeshi restaurants in Dubai.

The 10 Best Bangladeshi Restaurants in Dubai

Here is a list of the 10 best Bangladeshi restaurants in Dubai:

01. Food Village

Food Village is a notable Bangladeshi restaurant in Dubai, UAE that serves a variety of traditional Bangladeshi food. The place has a lively and inviting ambiance, making it an excellent choice for a casual eating experience with family and friends. The menu includes a wide range of cuisines, including kebabs, biryani, curries, and more.

Food Village is also acknowledged for its inexpensive charges, which allow customers to experience tasty meals without emptying their wallets. Food Village is a must-visit place for those seeking to experience Bangladeshi cuisine in Dubai, thanks to its delectable food and welcoming service.
Address: 79V9+6RG, Al Nahda 1, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

02. Break Fast Restaurant

Break Fast Restaurant is a famous Bangladeshi eatery in Dubai, United Arab Emirates that specializes in traditional breakfast meals. The restaurant is well-known for its extensive breakfast offering, which includes traditional Bangladeshi breakfast foods such as chana masala, paratha, puri, and others.

Throughout the day, the restaurant serves a variety of other meals such as kebabs, biryanis, and curries, all prepared with fresh ingredients and original spices. The ambiance of the eatery is comfortable, with an emphasis on making all visitors feel very welcome. On the whole, Break Fast Restaurant is a must-visit place for those seeking to experience the delectable tastes of Bangladeshi food in Dubai.
Address: Al Nakhal Rd, Naif, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

03. Pinch of Spice

Pinch of Spice is a well-known Bangladeshi restaurant in Dubai that serves an extensive selection of delectable dishes influenced by Bangladesh's rich culinary heritage. The menu at this restaurant includes everything from traditional biryanis, curries, kebabs, and seafood to fusion meals that combine Bangladeshi tastes with international flavors.

The interior of the restaurant is beautifully designed, with cozy seating and excellent service from the welcoming staff. Every recipe reflects the restaurant's dedication to using raw ingredients and authentic spices, making it a favorite among Bangladeshi foodies and natives equally. Pinch of Spice is an ideal destination for those who want to taste Bangladeshi food in Dubai.
Address: 13th St, Oud Metha, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

04. Sharafuddin Restaurant

Sharafuddin Restaurant is a famous Bangladeshi restaurant in Dubai that serves a diversified population of locals, expatriates, and travelers. The atmosphere of the restaurant is homey, with maximum comfort and a calm ambiance, making it an ideal destination for a relaxed dining experience.

The restaurant's team is very responsive, providing quality service. Whether you want to try classic Bangladeshi foods like biryanis, curries, kebabs, or something new, Sharafuddin Restaurant is the appropriate place to visit.
Address: China H03, shop 1, International City, China Cluster, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

05. Aahar Restaurant

Aahar Restaurant is another renowned Bangladeshi restaurant in Dubai. The decor of the restaurant is elegantly designed, with exquisite seating and a welcoming atmosphere, making it an ideal location for a cool dining experience.

The menu includes traditional Bangladeshi foods such as biryanis, curries, and kebabs, as well as fusion dishes that blend Bangladeshi tastes with international cuisines. The restaurant's employees seem to be vigilant. The restaurant will surely give you a satisfactory eating experience.
Address: Al Muhaisnah Second, 38 13b Street, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

06. City of Joy

The City of Joy is a must-visit restaurant in Dubai. The menu is well-curated and includes excellent Bengali dishes that are well-known in the culinary heritage. The classic Chelo kabab from Iran, famous in Peter Cat from Park Street in Kolkata, is now available in the City of Joy.

By special request, they also make the renowned Mishti doi from Bengal. And they don't have the king of Bengali fishes, Ilish/Hilsa, because they couldn't get excellent grades!! That is something to be admired—no compromising on quality. They haven't changed the original cooking techniques to cater to non-Bengali palates, as many restaurants do.
Address: 3 43 A St, Al Karama, Dubai, UAE

07. Fatima Essa Restaurant

Fatima Essa Restaurant is a traditional Bangladeshi eatery in Dubai that is well-known for its delicacy and services. It is also recommended to all other nationalities to try and experience its delicacy.

They serve a variety of foods, including Mach Daal, Milk Tea, Coffee, a wide range of fish items, Biriyanis, etc. The flavor is excellent, and the chicken rice is delicious. You can try this restaurant for traditional Bangladeshi food in Dubai.
Address: Building #Y02, Al Aweer Road (E 44 Road), International City, England Cluster, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

08. Dhaka Chef Restaurant

Dhaka Chef Restaurant is a popular Bangladeshi restaurant in Dubai serving a range of delectable dishes. They serve traditional Bangladeshi delicacies like biryanis, curries, kebabs, various fish items for lunch and dinner, snacks, hot and cool drinks as well as veggie choices. The eatery is popular because of its reasonable rates and hospitable staff, making it an excellent choice for an easygoing dining experience.

The restaurant's delicious cuisine and outstanding service make it an ideal choice. Dhaka Chef Restaurant is highly recommended if you're in Dubai and searching for a wonderful destination to experience some delicious Bangladeshi cuisine!
Address: Near Al Bassam Center, Dubai, UAE

09. Chauddagram Restaurant

This restaurant is a hidden gem of a Bangladeshi restaurant in Dubai that provides a great eating experience. Consumers praise the restaurant's delectable food, which includes traditional Bangladeshi meals such as biryanis, curries, and kebabs prepared with fresh ingredients and genuine spices.

The friendly staff provides outstanding service while also providing a warm and cozy environment that makes visitors feel at ease. Despite its high quality, Chauddagram restaurant is reasonably priced, making it a popular option for a casual dining experience. It comes highly suggested if you're searching for genuine and delicious Bangladeshi food in Dubai.
Address: 25 12 B St, Naif, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

10. Khaja Baba Restaurant

Khaja Baba Restaurant is a renowned Bangladeshi restaurant in Dubai that has gained a passionate clientele thanks to its delectable cuisine and outstanding service. The menu features traditional Bangladeshi foods. They are all prepared with fresh vegetables and authentic spices.

Customers enjoy the restaurant's good deals and homey ambiance, which make it ideal for a relaxed meal. Customers are well taken care of by the restaurant's welcoming staff, who provide considerate service that renders each visit pleasure. If you're in Dubai and looking for some genuine Bangladeshi cuisine, Khaja this one should be on your list.
Address: England X06, International City, England Cluster, Dubai, UAE

Final Words

Dubai's culinary scene is diversified. The city's Bangladeshi restaurants present a good collection of authentic Bangladeshi cuisine. Whether you're a local or a tourist, one of the above-mentioned 10 Bangladeshi restaurants in Dubai will have something for you, from traditional meals to fusion food, all prepared with fresh ingredients and genuine spices.