The 10 Best Kacchi Biryani in Dhaka - Try to Eat in 2024

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Kacchi Biryani is unquestionably the king of all biryanis. It is another name for love for Bangladeshis, and we will never get tired of eating it. It is a combination of tastes that may stand alone as a dish, and it is offered at weddings and any other celebrations. However, no two kacchis are similar when it comes to who prepares the kacchi biryani, and no biryani lovers can ever agree on one. So, if you're in Dhaka, try out several Kacchi brands.

Preparing Kachchi Biryani is an art and the secret of its outstanding aroma and flavor lies in the proper combination of spices. The rice, meat, and potatoes are paired together with an aromatic spice combination that gives the biryani its unique flavor. The outcome is a delectable dish that is a treat for the taste buds as well as a feast for the soul.

There are a wide number of restaurants in Dhaka city where you can get kacchi biryani. But all these restaurants are not equally preferable. There is some Kacchi biryani brand that will tantalize you for sure and you will want to get it back again. We are going to compile a list of some best kacchi biryani brands that have good names.

The 10 Best Kacchi Biryani in Dhaka

Here is a list of the 10 best Kacchi Biryani in Dhaka:

01. Grand Nawab

Kacchi Biryani at Grand Nawab is just awesome to eat. The combination of rice, spices, and meat is nicely prepared. The aromatic and tasty biryani will not let you down. The elegant presentation of the biryani on an enormous plate will make you feel like a king.

Mix the Kachchi Biryani with their unique Badam Sharbat, which perfectly boosts its rich taste. Grand Nawab's Kachchi Biryani is also eye-catching, with perfectly cooked meat that falls off the bone and a beautifully flavored potato that compliments the overall taste.

02. Kacchi Bhai

Kacchi Bhai is an excellent Kachchi Biryani brand in Dhaka. Kacchi Bhai, a newcomer to this sector, has quickly earned a reputation for its great taste and mind-blowing aroma.

The quality of Kacchi Bhai's rice is one of its key attributes. The restaurant uses quality basmati rice, resulting in soft and fragrant rice that matches the succulent meat and flavorful herbs. Another thing that sets Kacchi Bhai apart is that their Kachchi is less oily without compromising taste.

03. Kolkata Kacchi Ghor

If you want to have the real Kachchi Biryani experience, we recommend going to Kolkata Kacchi Ghor. Though it is a small restaurant with limited space, the biryani is delicious. Kolkata Kacchi Ghor is truly a hidden gem in Dhaka that can be overlooked by big restaurants. But its mouthwatering biryani balances its small size.

The proper combination of ingredients distinguishes Kolkata Kacchi Ghor from other Kachchi Biryanis. Unlike other biryanis in Dhaka, which might be swamped by a few heavy tastes, Kolkata Kacchi Ghor keeps an excellent balance of meat, spices, and rice. The smell of the biryani is appealing and will undoubtedly grab your interest.

04. Hazi Nanna Biriyani

Hazi Nanna Biriyani is a must-try if you're on the hunt for a unique and tasty Biryani experience in Dhaka. With its unrivaled softness and distinct flavor, this tiny restaurant has established a reputation for itself.

While the restaurant lacks in terms of decoration and enough space, it completely makes up in terms of food quality. Nanna Biryani's Biryani is unlike any other, having a unique taste that will leave you wanting more. The restaurant's reputation for quality and unique flavor continues to attract new customers every day.

05. Sultan's Dine

If you're looking for a good deal on Kacchi Biriyani in Dhaka, Sultan's Dine is a must-visit. This popular restaurant is renowned for serving some of the greatest Kacchi Biriyani in Dhaka.

The excellent blend of rice and meat is one of the Sultan's Dine significant qualities. The meat is well cooked, with just the proper amount of spices to suit the soft texture. The rice is fluffy and aromatic, and the combo is delectable.

06. Haji Biryani

Haji Biryani is the place to go for an authentic Biryani experience. Hazir Biriani, established in 1939, is one of the best-known biryani restaurants in Dhaka. You cannot ignore its unique flavor, and welcoming service. The kacchi biryani is prepared with a proper blend of spices and tender meat.

Once you try their biryani, you will find nothing like this. It is different from other biryani houses in Dhaka. It has become a brand due to its second-to-none biryani.

07. Kashmir Biryani House

Kashmir Biryani House is a famous kacchi biryani brand in Dhaka. Their biryani has become renowned for its real flavor, which is considered one of the city's original flavors of Kacchi Biryani. The brand is particularly well-known for its Bashmoti Kacchi Biryani, which is believed to be among the best in the city.

Kashmir Biryani has numerous namesakes, but the original Kashmir Biryani House is located in Kotwali (Islampur) and has no other branches in Dhaka. So, if you want to have an authentic taste of Kashmir Biryani House's Kacchi Biryani, you need to go to its original location.

08. Salam's Kitchen

Salam's Kitchen is a kacchi biryani brand in Dhaka that is known for less oily and authentic biryani. They offer a substantial quantity of meat in their biryani. Indeed, their biryani is not super tasty but its authenticity is greatly valued. Due to the authenticity, they have a passionate customer base.

This Kacchi house started its journey as a wedding caterer. But, their kacchi success has led it to install four branches throughout Dhaka- where you get the traditional kacchi experience.

09. Bashmoti Kacchi

This biryani brand is well-known for its aroma and juiciness. The sweet flavor of the Kachchi might be because of the increased use of Kewra essence and mint pests. Borhani and Firni are included on the Kachchi plate. The Basmati rice is appealing, as is the tender beef.

If you are looking for a restaurant that is famous for its biryani item, go try Bashmoti Kacchi. The taste of their biryani is identical to Hyderabadi Biryani. The meat they use is tender and succulent.

10. Kamal Biryani House

Kamal Biryani House seems to be an excellent option for people looking for delicious kacchi biryani at an affordable price. The flavor is decent and the meat is very tender and succulent. Borhani is not very outstanding here, but the whole pricing is affordable.

The restaurant is well-known for its unique recipe that produces a delectable flavor. However, there is limited seating and the location is a little difficult to find. But overall it is a good option if you look at both quality and price.

Final Words

Kacchi Biryani is a traditional dish that has been served to South Asian royal families over the centuries. Most people in Bangladesh love to eat kacchi biryani on special occasions. Eating famous kacchi and chatting with friends or family in a restaurant might be a wonderful dining experience. This article may help you choose a good and reputable kacchi brand in Dhaka.