The 10 Best Private Hospitals in Bangladesh 2024

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A private hospital is operated by an organisation or self-independent in Bangladesh. There are both profit and nonprofit hospitals. It helps the patients to select their preferred surgeon and doctors. People can get the best medical specialists in a short time. Private hospitals provide better healthcare services with high-quality requirements.

Now quality has become important to the patients. People prefer quality rather than expenses, which provide most of the time the renowned private hospitals in our country. There are many private hospitals in our country.

The 10 Best Private Hospitals in Bangladesh

Here are the top ten private hospitals in BD:

01. Square Hospital

Square Hospital Hotline No: 10616

The square hospital is one of the renowned top ten private hospitals in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The square hospital ensures the best healthcare as well as clinical service with outstanding personal service. Though their treatment is expensive, people can get the best treatment plan.

02. Sheikh Fazilatunnesa Mujib Memorial KPJ Specialized Hospital & Nursing College

Call - 0181000808

It is one of the first IMS certified Hospital & Nursing College in Bangladesh founded by the Father of the Bangabandhu Sheik Mujibur Rahman Memorial Trust. SFMMKPJSH&NC is run by KPJ Healthcare Berhad, the leading private health care organization in Malaysia.

KPJ presently operates a total of 26 hospitals in Malaysia and it is also operating in Australia, Thailand and Indonesia. The services are provided by a team of national and international consultants, assisted 24 hours a day by committed medical staff.

03. Popular Diagnostic Centre Ltd

Phone: 09613787801

It is one of Bangladesh 's renowned diagnostic centers, which began it's own operations in 1983. It is one of the largest health care and diagnostic services provider in the country's private sector. It has been a pioneer in the launch of the world 's new medical instruments and emerging technologies to offer round-the-clock medical testing and consulting services.

Popular Diagnostic Centre Ltd. has many branches situated in Dhanmondi, English Road, Shantinagar, Uttara, Shyamoli, Narayangonj, Savar, Mirpur, Gazipur, Badda, Chittagong, Noakhali, Rajshahi, Dinajpur, Rangpur, Kurigram, Barishal, Kushtia, Bogra Mymensingh in Bangladesh.

04. Labaid Hospitals

Hotline No: 10606

One of the old and specialized private hospitals in our country established in 1989. The collective relation of Labaid Hospitals is to the Labaid Specialized Hospital (LSH) and the Labaid Cardiac Hospital (LCH).

LCH is a well Known Cardiac hospital for cardiological treatment. It is one of the First NABH International accredited hospital in Bangladesh. Though there are many good hospitals in Bangladesh from where people get services, the service is also much very effective.

05. Asgar Ali Hospital

Hopeline No: 10602

Asgar Ali Hospital is one of the best hospital in Bangladesh for the multidisciplinary tertiary care by City Group, situated at Gandaria Beside Dhupkhola, Dhaka. It is providing affordable Thoracic Surgery, Cardiac Surgery, ENT, Head and Neck Surgery, Neurosurgery, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Oncology as well as indoor and outpatient facility. Its diagnostic facility and treatment cost also reasonable than other high quality private hospitals.

06. Ibn Sina Specialized Hospital

Hotline No: 10615

It was established in July 1983. There are multiple services like- neuro, roster, liver, neurosurgery, endocrine, etc. Yet, it has started a new horizon in laparoscopic Abnormal and colorectal surgery. For its sophisticated treatment and affordable cost, patient complaints are also good.

Among all the private hospitals, Apollo hospital is the largest and best private hospital in Bangladesh. Though it’s expenses costly their treatment is more sophisticated and effective. Along with government hospitals, private hospitals are also providing regular and good medical care to the people.

07. United Hospital Limited

Hotline No: 10666

It is One of the top ten expensive private hospitals in Bangladesh. There is multiple expertise with an excellent experience. Oncology, Nephrology, gynecology, respiratory, neurosurgery, including COVID 19 special unit and COVID-directed ICU, etc.

08. Harun Eye Foundation Hospital

Phone: 02 9613930-34

Harun eye foundation hospital is the first well-furnished private eye hospital in Bangladesh that was founded in 1994. Experienced ophthalmologists and surgeons are available all the time. Nowadays eye disease is such a problem for which people are suffering more.

No doubt, the eye is one of the essential organs in our body, and this hospital gives sophisticated treatment rather than other private hospitals that are serving eye treatment. They provide the first and best laser treatment in Bangladesh.

09. Evercare Hospital

Hotline No: 10678

Apollo hospital is known as the Evercare hospital in Bangladesh. On 12 March 2016, an autologous stem cell transplantation was held in the hospital, which was the first successful treatment in Bangladesh. Evercare hospital is one of the JCI approved multidisciplinary tertiary care hospital in Bangladesh. Only the best JEI hospital in Bangladesh.

10. BIRDEM Hospital

Phone: 02-9661551

BIRDEM, the Bangladesh Institute of research and rehabilitation in diabetes endocrine and metabolize disorders. Most of the people think the institute is only for diabetes patients, but it is not only for diabetes patients but also for compatible with others. Without any doubt, it is one of the best hospitals for diabetes patients in Bangladesh.