Top 10 TV Brands in Bangladesh for Superior Entertainment

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Television has nowadays become part and parcel of our day-to-day life. We cannot go a single day without watching TV. As it is an important and very essential device, so many people purchase TV sets every day in Bangladesh.

But do you know what the popular television brands are in Bangladesh? No worries if you really don’t know. In this article, we going to introduce you to the 10 best TV brands in Bangladesh.

With the passage of time, new brands are getting popularity and some old brands are losing their position. But there are some brands that have been holding their position for decades after decades.

Each brand is bringing new models designed with new facilities. In the present market of Bangladesh, you will see a large number of brands. So, the question is always left with which brand I should buy.

The 10 Best TV Brands in Bangladesh

Here is the list of the top 10 TV brands in Bangladesh (BD):

01. Sony

Sony is a Japanese brand that manufactures electronic products as well as a leading involvement with music, films, and financial services. Sony TVs are always smart. This brand is popular for its new models with outstanding features. It is undoubtedly true that this brand has been winning the hearts of millions of people from the very beginning. Sony is trustworthy for its good and reliable products. Sony TVs always tend to have some extra features, outstanding picture quality, and great color accuracy.

It is good to say that you had better purchase their mid-range and high-end models. They are the best among all the budget models. I have no option but to deny that the price is a little bit higher if you want to buy one from this brand. However, good products are always quite expensive. You can buy Sony A90 OLED, Sony X95J, Sony X80J, and other latest models from this brand.

02. Samsung

Samsung is another popular and undoubtedly one of the best TV brands in Bangladesh. This South Korean brand started its journey in 1938. At that time, this company did not manufacture electronic devices: rather it was involved with food and grocery items supply.

But in 1960, it started manufacturing electronics like phones, monitors, refrigerators, TV sets, etc. At present, they are bringing new models that are brighter than the previous QLEDs. It has recently introduced us to their new mini-LED technology. This new LED technology has been labeled as Neo QLED. Samsung uses its technology. They always offer a user-friendly interface. I prefer buying Samsung QN90A QLED.

03. LG

LG is another reliable TV brand across the world. It is popular not only in Bangladesh but also in other countries across the globe. They manufacture different electronic products like TVs, monitors, vacuums, and home appliances.

However, the original name of this brand is Lucky GoldStar. LG is its shortened form. This brand is one of the pioneers of good quality and large screen Television Sets. You are recommended to buy from its OLED lineup because of their cheaper prices.

04. Walton

Walton is a multinational company that manufactures automobiles, electronics, and other appliances. The headquarters of this company is in Bangladesh.

Walton Television is now becoming popular in several countries as well as in Bangladesh. Their Smart TVs cannot but blow your heart. They are designed with smart OS and enhanced menus. Walton is the only brand that provides 4K UHD TVs at customer-friendly rates in Bangladesh.

05. Singer

Singer is one of the best-selling brands in Bangladesh. Singer SLE55E2SMTV 55" is a preferable model for you if you are looking for a good-quality TV model at a standard budget. These TVs are color temperature adjustable.

Besides, it has amazing picture effects and a dynamic noise reduction system. However, all the latest models from this brand have started to catch customers’ eyes. Singer offers good quality TVs at a very reasonable price.

06. Vizio

Vizio is one of the most popular brands in Bangladesh. It is actually an American company and they have a specialty in making home theatre products. Vizio TVs are always unique due to some reason. One is the fact that they do not manufacture other products except TVs and soundbars.

There is no doubt that Vizio TVs usually ensure good picture quality but their system has some bugs. Vizio V5 Series and P Series Quantum X 2020 are definitely recommendable.

07. TCL

TCL is popular for its low-cost and budget-friendly TVs. Having started its journey in 1980, it manufactured audio cassettes. But now they are making different types of electronic products such as TVs, home appliances and cellphones.

TCL TVs are good and trustworthy as well. The TVs of this brand usually show great performance in any place due to having high contrast. Anyway, I like this brand especially for its cheaper price and well operating system.

08. Panasonic

If you talk about durability or reliability, some brands always come first. Panasonic is one of them. The OLED system and fail-proof contrast will surely blow your mind.

This brand might be a perfect choice for you if you are looking for a standard TV set for home with undisputed picture quality and splendid sound quality.

09. Hisense

Hisense has achieved much popularity in Bangladesh. It is a budget-friendly brand. The prices of Hisense TVs are relatively low and even the high-end TVs from this brand are not so expensive.

So, you are looking for a TV model from a popular brand with a relatively low budget, you are strongly recommended to buy one from Hisense. Hisense U7G, UG6, and U8G are some of the preferable models due to their better picture quality.

10. Minister

Minister is another popular brand in Bangladesh. All the products manufactured by Minister, are good, but you will get them at a cheaper price. We see great progress in this brand nowadays.

Minister smart TVs look amazing. Besides, their performance is good as well. You can buy M-32 Smart Glorious LED TV. The OS of this model is android 8.0. It is equipped with some special features like Internet Browsing, GLNA, Home Share, etc. But it costs BDT 21,000 only.

Final Words

The brands mentioned here are much more reliable and popular in Bangladesh. But the question comes whether TV brands matter or not! The answer is both yes and no.

Generally, a TV set from a good brand ensures good performance. But it is also true that each brand has some outstanding models. So, I think you had better justify them by yourself or choose a brand from the list we have provided.