United Kingdom (UK): The Most Influential Country

UK FlagGreat Britain, also known as the United Kingdom is a spectacular country. It is located in the north-eastern part of the European region. The country has influenced the world more than any other country. The British people are always smart and can find a way to move forward in any given situation.

Democracy, Capital & Language

It is a free nation that has a unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy government.

London is the capital and probably the most popular city in the world.

English is the official language but there are more than 300 languages that have been used in this land.

Population & Economy

This country is populated with around 70 million people.

The country generates income from different sectors. The UK consists of England, Scotland, Wales, and North Ireland. Their quality of life is mostly considered excessive, and the financial system is quite varied. The groups that play a role most in the U.K. 's GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT are companies, manufacturing, structure, and travel. Technological innovation and copulate industries encompass the single largest-sized sector, giving 30. 8% of absolute Gross Useful in manufacturing in 2003. In this sector, vehicle equipment is the largest factor.

The Queen

The queen is the most respected & honorable person in the country. She also doesn’t have a passport as all the passports of the country are issued on her name. Yet she has visited more than 100 countries.


Modern Cricket and Football both were invented in this country.

Football is the most popular sport here. English football has always been cherished by football lovers all over the world. The national team has won the world cup and many other tournament titles. The domestic league is also very popular.

The country hosted the last cricket world cup and became the world champions. The final match was so dramatic and so far the best match in cricket history.

Rugby, tennis, golf is also very popular here. They have arranged the famous tournament of the Olympics a few years ago.


The country has a quite number of international Airports. Heathrow airport in London is one of the busiest airports on the planet and The British airways are also very popular. The country has on the list of oldest carry systems worldwide – and as well one of the major.


Education and learning in the United Kingdom is a devolved issue, with every country possessing a separate schooling system.

Thinking about the four techniques together, regarding 38 percent of the Uk population features a university or college level, which is the greatest percentage within Europe, as well as among the maximum percentages on the planet

They drink tea a lot. They drink over hundreds of millions of cups of tea in a single day. So everyone is always welcome here to have a warm cup of tea.