Things to know about Africa

African Map Africa is the world's second-largest continent by area, bordered by the Mediterranean Sea to the north, the Indian Ocean to the east, and the Atlantic Ocean to the west. Land of beautiful landscapes, dense forests, vast deserts, and deep valleys are 53 countries whose inhabitants speak many languages. The total area of the continent is 30,370,000 km2.


The climate here is hot and humid. Africa, the most tropical continent with temperatures of up to 122 degrees Fahrenheit recorded in the desert. The northern coastal areas are scorching and dry, with very little rainfall. The northern and southern parts of Africa are arid and hot, most of which are spread over deserts. There are dense forests around the equator along the equator; there are dense forests due to rains.


According to the census of 2018, the total population of the continent Africa is 1,275,920,972. Most of Africa's population lives in rural areas, but some large cities, most notably Cairo, have a population of 6.5 million and the largest city on the continent. The religion of most of the countries of the North and the East is Islam, and they are closely connected with other Islamic nations of the world in the global Islamic brotherhood.

Despite being the world's second-largest continent by area, Africa's population is not large, especially in the desert. Most of the community lives in water reservoirs and the fertile regions. Africa has a very high birth rate, so the population is overgrowing.


The lifestyle of most people in Africa is straightforward, but Western goods use on the rise. Many countries are working to improve literacy and health through education programs. Africa is rich in minerals, and the same wealth in the colonial era pushed it into a long period of slavery. Among the Minerals found here are oil, gold, copper, and diamond, which are the most mined in the world. At one time, more than half of the world's gold was mined in Mali. Mining is the most critical industry in many countries.

There are different types of agriculture in Africa according to the quality of the land. Tea is grown in mountainous areas such as Rwanda, Uganda, and Kenya. In the north, where water is scarce, foodstuffs are produced to meet the nutritional needs of the local population, while cash crops such as fruit, dates, and olives are exported. Peanuts, cocoa, and coffee are grown in West Africa. In the southern part of South Africa, a variety of crops are grown, from which fruits are exported, and wine is extracted from grapes.

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