Things to know about Australian Continent

Australian and Oceanian Map Australia is a beautiful continent full of natural scenery, Willem Janszoon discovered Australia in 1606. The continent is divided into eight regions. New South Wales Victoria Queensland South Australia Western Australia Tasmania Northern Territory Australian capital territory, the total area of this continent is 86,000,000 square kilometers. The total population of this continent is about 300 million. It is the sixth most populous continent in terms of population. There are three independent countries on this continent: Papua New Guinea, Australia, and Indonesia.

The beauty of the continent's forests is known all over the world. The Australian continent is home to a wide variety of woods, fruits, and birds. Australia is known for its rare kangaroos and beautiful sheep, Brisbane is considered the largest city in Australia. The most popular cities on the continent are Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth. The continent also includes mountainous areas that tourists visit every year.


The largest religion on the continent is Christianity. Apart from this, Muslims, Hindus, and Buddhists even live in this continent. Due to this continent's tranquility, many people migrated from different parts of the country and settled on this continent. Are, but due to new migration policies, this process began to stop.

There are 36% of people from other continents who have settled here. During the First World War, this continent was used as a seal. In 1914, most of the forests were found here. Papua New Guinea is considered the headquarters of this continent. All the secret arrangements of the country are settled in this headquarters.

Australia and New Zealand

Australia claims that New Zealand is a country on the same continent, but New Zealand does not confirm it. The Egyptian army controlled several forests on the Australian mainland. After World War I, Australia and New Zealand came face to face. It was not given a name for war, but it caused significant damage to Australia's continent. The United States is working to replace Australia with New Zealand and a few other countries to create a new continent. In this regard, a proposal called Oceania has also come up.

Famous Security Force

Notable among the continent's security forces are the colonial forces that defend the country of this continent. According to history, these forces were formed until 1680. It is one of the oldest effects of this continent. The founder of this force is Sir Peter Scratchy. It is this force that protects the entire continent. The continent is ranked seventh in terms of area.

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