16 Best Hotel Booking Sites in the World

By Andy Mario | Updated On

We all love traveling. But planning a perfect trip takes a lot. We have to be concerned about location, transport, food, and, most importantly, the hotels. Because after a long tiring day we need a comfortable place to sleep. And finding the best hotels at a reasonable price is not so easy. We need to compare so many things. But it is quite more comfortable nowadays with the help of the internet. We can get a brief knowledge and even pre-book our hotels online before the trip.

“I rarely stay in hotels because I have friends all over the world. - Cilla Black”

16 Best Hotel Booking Sites in the World

Here are some websites to compare the best hotels with a perfect deal:

01. Expedia

Expedia is very popular for hotel booking. You can make the whole trip plan with Expedia like booking flights, cars etc.
(+) Price comparison.
(+) You can earn Expedia reward points which can be used in future trips.
(-) The paid money is not refundable.

02. Google Hotel Finder

You directly book hotels through Google search engine via Google hotel finder.
(+) You can track prices over time.
(+) Easy to browse hotel photos and reviews.
(-) You cannot filter the search results according to your needs.

03. Momondo

Momondo finds the best hotels and compares the price by the metasearch engine.
(+) Price comparison
(+) Easy to use as the UI is minimal.
(-) There are no loyal points.

04. Kayak

Kayak helps you to find hotels at a perfect deal with the help of its metasearch engine.
(+) Kayak map is handy.
(+) You can also book flights.
(-) They do not show the hotel prices which are owned by the company.

05. Booking.com

Booking.com is a top-class hotel booking site. It also has a money refund policy, and you can withdraw money one day before.
(+) You can narrow down the search results by using the filter option available.
(+) The You can get a minimum price.
(-) There are no loyal points.

06. Price line

The price line can find hotels for you at the lowest price possible.
(+) A provide discount on express deals.
(+) Lowest price.
(-) There are no loyal points

07. Hotels.com

You can’t book anything but hotels here. The UI is very user friendly.
(+) Special offers for members.
(+) you can earn reward points which you can use in the future.
(-) You cannot book flights or rental cars.

08. Orbitz

Orbitz helps you to get many offers such as a supplementary breakfast or free WIFI etc.
(+) They offer special vacation packages.
(+) You can earn Orbitz reward points.
(-) They are not so popular.

09. Hotwire

Hotwire compares the prices and gives you a better deal.
(+) They also offer special vacation packages.
(+) They provide cooperatively lower prices
(-) There is no special discount for members.

10. American Express Travel

American express travel gives a thorough overview of hotels. There are many special and promotional offers for platinum customers.
(+) They offer special promotional offers for platinum cardholders.
(-) There is an extra booking fee for non-card holder customers.

11. TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor is well known for its excellent metasearch engine. It has higher reviews than many other sites.
(+) They have a long history of customer satisfaction with better reviews.
(-) They do not show the added taxes with the price.

12. Agoda

Agoda is a top-notch hotel booking site that has a fantastic search filter system.
(+) You can book a private house on your travel location.
(+) You can narrow down the search results with the help of the filter.
(-) You don’t always get the best deal.

13. Travelocity

You can book hotels, flights, and other rental services here in a travel city at a lower price.
(+) Best price comparison option.
(-) Sometimes package rates are a bit higher.

14. Skyscanner

Skyscanner is renowned for flight booking, and it also can provide the best deal for hotels with its metasearch engine.
(+) You can book a private house or nontraditional hotels.
(+) You can filter the search results according to your needs.
(-) They don’t always give you the updated price.

15. Hopper

Hopper is a mobile app that is very easy to use and find a hotel.
(+) Very smooth UI.
(+) You will get updated prices.
(-) There are no desktop sites,

16. GetAroom

It is a sister website of hotels.com with a much convenient UI.
(+) Best for the cheapest deals.
(-) You have to pay a service charge and booking fee.