Top 5 Highest Mountains in the World you Should know

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Nature lovers have different types. One group loves mountains while the other group loves the sea, scenery, forest and much more. When it comes to mountains, the very first thought that comes in our mind is which one the largest or the tallest mountain.

“The mountains are calling and I must go. – John Muir”

Well, we all know about the Mount Everest because of its largeness and the summit of this mountain is the highest of all.
Here we will be discussing not only this largest mountain but also the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th tallest mountains on earth.

01.Mount Everest

Undoubtedly the most famous mountain, Everest would be the largest mountain and its cliff is the top point of earth. It’s also referred to as Chomolungma (=Goddess Mother in the Earth) or perhaps Sagarmatha (=Goddess of the Sky). it stands at 8,848 meters tall. First climbed by Edmund Hillary back in 1953.

Though most people start climbing this mountain form Nepal, it is located in both Nepal and China. In recent days many people climbed this mountain more than ever. The journey to the summit is very tough because of extremely low temperatures and many other facts yet many people climbed Everest several times.


K2, also known basically as mountain Godwin-Austen or perhaps Chhogori, includes a summit 8,611-meter distances above marine level. It truly is located on the edge between the far east and Pakistan. China's side in the mountain will be widely thought to be the more challenging and hazardous aspect, so the peak is usually tried out from the Pakistan side. The mountain was first claimed a few decades ago in 1956. Climbing this mountain is quite harder and it took a lot of lives.


The name is quite easy to pronounce or to remember but Many people say it is the most sightful mountain among the largest mountains. That sits around the border between Nepal and also India and possesses stands at a level of 8,586-meter higher from the sea level.

It is located more than 100 kilometers further from Everest and it is considered as the 2nd highest peak of the gigantic Everest.

It used to be considered as the tallest mountain in the early 19th century. After some extensive measurements from many different angles and aspects, Everest is measured as the highest mountain and it stands in the third position now.

It was first climbed by 2 British people after 3 years of first climbing of Everest in 1955.


Lhotse, with an elevation of 8,516 meters is the third highest peak of Everest/Himalaya and fourth-largest mountain on the globe. This gigantic mountain is also a sister mountain of Everest. Lhotse is located in between 2 countries; Nepal and China.

It is long east-west crest is found immediately to the south of Install Everest, as well as the summits in the two mountain tops are attached by the To the south Col, any vertical form that never drops under 8 000 meters and makes it very difficult to climb the summit. The middle part that lies between these peaks is the most dangerous portion and takes a lot of skills to climb. The name implies the South peak. It was first climbed in the same year with K2 in 1956.


Makalu is considered as the 5th tallest and largest mountain in the is located approximately 20 kilometers southeast of Everest, situated between Nepal and China, Makalu seems very identical to the pyramids. The peak of this mountain stands at 8,484 meters higher from the sea level. Because of distant locations and many pointy edges, climbers consider it harder to climb.

The earliest attempt to climb this mountain got abandoned and for the first time, it was climbed by the Swedish expedition.