The 10 Best Money Transfer Services Online from the USA to Bangladesh

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The world is getting smaller with the passage of time. So many Bangladeshi people are living in different parts of this planet. The United States is the most powerful country in the present world.

So, many people dream of living there. Bangladeshi Americans need to send money to Bangladesh. Besides, we need money transfer services for business purposes. However, today I am gonna introduce best money transfer services in the USA for Bangladeshi community.

We do not provide transfer services; rather we are showing you the top service provider for you. It will help you choose suitable service providers.

If you are really looking for a money transfer service to Bangladesh from the United States, then this article might help you a lot.

So, read the article carefully and choose the best-suited money transfer service to Bangladesh from the USA for you.

The 10 Best Money Transfer Services from the USA to Bangladesh

Here's a list of The 10 Best Money Transfer Services from the USA to Bangladesh in the World:

01. Wise (Previously known as TransferWise)

If you are searching for the cheapest money transfer service from the USA to Bangladesh, then Wise (TransferWise) is the best option for you.

You can transfer money easily using their mobile app. They cost a rational rate because they generally include any hidden rate markups.

Best Features:
✔ Transfer Fees: 2.95 US Dollar + 1.16% of your amount
✔ Quick online set-up
✔ Transparent fees
✔ Cheaper exchange rate (Google rate)
✔ Cheaper Bank Debit
✔ Mobile phone app with simple user interface
✔ Rapid transfer to a local bank account

02. Remitly

Remitly provides a noteworthy service for money transfer that accepts credit cards. For people who want to transfer money within a few minutes, this is surely a good recommendation for them. Basically, their Express option has made this easier. It will save your time and effort.

Remitly is cheaper than Western Union or Xoom. You can easily transfer money on their mobile app or official website.

Best Features:
✔ Transfer Fee: 4.99 USD for Express
✔ SWIFT payments or bank transfers are available.
✔ Rapid transfer
✔ Money-back guarantee
✔ A same-day cancellation request is possible.
✔ Mobile app privilege
✔ Easy to sign up

03. WorldRemit

WorldRemit is special for smaller transfers and remittances. As far as I know, this service is the best-suited for personal money transfer.

One can send up to 10,000 USD from the United States to Bangladesh. So, those who work with American clients online can suggest their clients use this service. Interestingly, their rates are cheaper than the local banks.

Best Features:
✔ Transfer Fee: 3.99 US Dollar
✔ Maximum transfer amount: $5,000
✔ Offers bank deposits, Airtime top-up, Mobile Money, and cash pick-up
✔ 24/7 customer support
✔ Transparent cost
✔ The mobile phone app and easy online platform

04. OFX

OFX is a very old money transfer company. It has outstanding security. It has a calculator for currency exchange but it does not show the value of your currency. Rather, this calculator shows the interbank rates.

Best Features:
✔ Transfer Fees: No longer charges any transfer fees
✔ Minimum Transfer Amount: 150 USD for a single transfer and 250 USD for recurring transfer
✔ Mobile phone app
✔ 24/7 customer support
✔ Good exchange rate
✔ Easy online set-up

05. Xoom

Xoom is undoubtedly expedient for money transfers but this is more costly in comparison to other money transfer services.

Best Features:
✔ Varies according to the amount
✔ Sends money to a bank account
✔ Takes 1 or 2 business days
✔ Fully licensed, trustworthy, safe, and authorized company
✔ Regular status updates
✔ Mobile app privilege

06. Instarem

Instarem provides an effective money transfer service. This is one of the conventional ways of transferring money to Bangladesh from the United States. If you are looking for a cost-effective and reliable way for money transfer, then this is for you. Let’s know the major features of this amazing money transfer platform.

Best Features:
✔ Transfer Fees: Between 0.25% and 1% with no hidden charges
✔ No SWIFT charges
✔ Transparent transfer: stay in control
✔ Earn reward points
✔ Cost-effective and no hidden fees
✔ Same day transfer
✔ 100% safe indeed

07. Skrill

Do you wanna transfer money for Free? No worry! Skrill does not charge any transfer fees. One can easily transfer money to a Bangladeshi bank account completely for free. It offers its users to send money very quickly without any obstruction.

Best Features:
✔ Transfer Fee: 0% to 4.99%
✔ Quick and easy
✔ Secure payment system
✔ Trusted globally
✔ 24/7 customer service
✔ Mobile app with an easy interface

08. TransferGo

TransferGo provides money transfer services globally. One can use this platform for transferring money to Bangladesh from the USA. This marvelous money transferring company has a multilingual support team that you will hardly find. It offers its users to transfer money with low fees. Besides, it is more or less quick indeed.

Best Features:
✔ Transfer Fees: 0% to 2.2%
✔ Transfer speed: Under 30 minutes
✔ MasterCard card-to-card transfer
✔ Visa Direct card-to-card transfer
✔ Business and personal money transfers
✔ TransferGo mobile app
✔ Safety of funds

09. XE

XE money transferring company is authorized by De Nederlandsche Bank (Dutch Central Bank). This is one of the best money transfer platforms. Trustpilot rated this platform 5 out of 5.

The users can monitor things with their personalized accounts. This is pretty cool. It costs no transfer fees. This is strongly recommended for anyone who wants to send money at a low cost.

Best Features:
✔ Transfer Fee: 0.00 USD
✔ Margin charge: Between 0.4% and 1.2%
✔ No limit
✔ Easy to register
✔ Well-designed app

10. Azimo

Azimo is a cheaper and faster money transferring company that allows its users to transfer money globally. This is one of the well-suited platforms for transferring money to Bangladesh from the USA.

Best Features:
✔ Saves up to 90%
✔ Low fees and great rates
✔ Costs no fees for the first two transfers
✔ Rapid transfer
✔ No weekend delays
✔ Encryption and anti-fraud technology
✔ Azimo app

Final Verdict

Money transfer is a basic need in the present world of globalization. Hundreds of thousands of people are looking for reliable and cheap from the USA to Bangladesh money transfer services.

Many people go to the United States for better jobs and accommodation. Besides, the business of today’s world is not bound in particular areas.

So, this is urgent to fix up a good money transferring platform. Hope this article helps you to do so.