Top 10 Online Beauty Stores in Bangladesh: A Shopper's Guide

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John Keats says “Beauty is truth, truth beauty”. People love beauty and look for beauty. They beautify themselves not only for looking good but also for mental satisfaction. This is why beauty stores are essential for purchasing beauty products.

Many people prefer to buy beauty products and accessories from online stores due to the availability of a wide range of products. Local markets usually provide a limited number of products as there are some spatial and other issues. Online beauty stores can provide thousands of beauty products from a variety of overseas brands.

Since there are a large number of online beauty shops in Bangladesh, people usually become confused about which will be the best-suited and reliable one for them. For this reason, in this article, we have tried to make a list of the 10 best online beauty stores available in Bangladesh.

10 Best Online Beauty Stores in Bangladesh

Here is a list of the best Online Beauty Stores in Bangladesh:

01. BDBudgetBeauty (BBB)

BDBudgetBeauty (BBB) is an online beauty store that offers affordable beauty products in Bangladesh. They also provide a vast range of products including fragrances, haircare, skincare, makeup products, and grooming products from a variety of local and international brands.

This online beauty shop can make your online shopping exciting. Their products are budget-friendly and they offer discounts and deals regularly to their customers. Additionally, they also provide free shipping within Bangladesh for orders over a certain amount.

02. Shajgoj

Shajgoj is a marvelous online beauty store available in Bangladesh. The online shop is committed to providing every type of cosmetic and beauty product for its customers. You will be able to purchase all the cosmetics and skincare accessories both for men and women. Some of the notable brands Shajgoj has, are Calvin Klein, Braun, Vichy, Davidoff, Loreal, Lakme, Maybelline, etc.

Customers can also enjoy fast delivery, free shipping, and regular deals and offers on their orders. Additionally, Shajgoj has a customer-friendly return policy in case of any issues or concerns with the products. They also offer gift cards for their customers and have a loyalty program for regular shoppers.

03. Glamy Girl

Glamy Girl is a well-known and one of the leading beauty stores available in Bangladesh. Glamy Girl has a wide range of beauty products collection including skincare, haircare, feminine hygiene products, makeup, and other beauty accessories.

If you are looking for the newest beauty accessories from renowned brands, you can try Glamy Girl. Their products are imported from different countries. Besides, you will also be able to get local beauty brands on this online beauty store.

04. BanglaShoppers

BanglaShoppers is an online beauty and cosmetics store based in Bangladesh. They have a collection variety of beauty products from a large number of premium brands. It does not matter whether you are looking for beauty products for men or women. Their customer service is authentic and unmatched for sure. Besides, BanglaShopper ensures a money-back guarantee that increases its reliability.

05. Beautyliven

Beautyliven dot com is a golden name in the galaxy of beauty stores. This online store solely focuses on quality beauty products because it is perhaps the only e-commerce store that gives much concentration on beauty accessories. So, it has become nowadays the apple of the eyes of hundreds of beauty seekers.

Beautyliven has hundreds of products under a few main categories: Wellness, Perfume, Bath & Body, Mom and Baby, Hair, Skin, and Makeup. Surprisingly, you will be able to get a variety of products from original brands such as Denim, Gucci, Dove, Gatsby, Fogg, Axe, Adidas, and many more.

06. The MallBD

The MallBD is a premium online beauty store available in Bangladesh. They provide a wide range of top-rated and authentic health & beauty products. More specifically, it’s a makeup and skin care store that is able to all your makeup needs. Apart from the makeup and skin care products, it also provides a variety of products under some categories including Health Care, Hair, Skin Care & Bath, and Fragrance.

07. Daraz

You probably know the fact that Daraz is one of the renowned and well-known conglomerates in Bangladesh. So, it is normal that the conglomerate includes a wide range of beauty products. Here you will find every type of cosmetics and beauty accessories with a few clicks. Here, you will get every item you want.

Daraz has a vast collection of beauty products including Shade Blusher, Color Liner, Lip Gloss, Lip Liner, Lip Primer, Eye Shadow, Makeup Box, Mascara, Eye Liner, Lipstick, and so on. There is no scope to be confused in the galaxy of beauty products on Daraz as the website has filtering options that will help you find your desired items with two or three clicks.

08. Bagdoom

Bagdoom is another well-known conglomerate in Bangladesh. It is supposed to be one of the best online beauty stores available in this country. They have sorted all the beauty products into five categories: Toiletries, Health, Hair Care, Skin Care, and Makeup. So, it is easy to find every item with less effort. Besides, it will save time while placing an order.

No matter what you are searching for. You will find everything you want such as hairdryer, bands, clips, combs, shampoo, face primer, Vaseline, face pack, lotions, body shop, eyeliner, shower gel, mascara, lipstick, makeup box, lip gloss, and many more. They usually categorize these beauty products by real vendors. Even there is an option to filter the price range.

09. Othoba is considered another trustworthy and one of the leading online beauty shops. They also sort out their products with different categories for the ease of the customers. You just need to enter the website and select the section you want to buy products in.

Besides, the most surprising part is that you can look for beauty products by selecting the names of your preferable brands. Moreover, it allows you to filter the price range. So, you need not think about how much your budget is. You will find products based on your amount of budget. They offer tons of beauty products including lip liner, lip gloss, lipstick, makeup accessories, body soap, body lotion, and many more.

10. Shadmart

Shadmart is another leading beauty products store available in Bangladesh. They basically import these products from China. If you talk about reliability, Shadmart is one of the best. Besides, their collection of beauty products will surely attract anyone seeking for purchasing beauty products. This online store has achieved its reliability within a very short time due to quality control and fast deliveries.

Shadmart has a vast collection that includes hair, lips, and nail care products, brushes and tools, makeup, skin and body care accessories, and many more. On this site, you will be able to look for these products by sorting categories. So, there is no chance to be mad in the jungle of thousands of products.

Final Words

Online beauty stores are popular among beauty seekers. We have listed some of the best online beauty stores available in Bangladesh. I hope it will help you choose a reliable online shop for purchasing what you need. As you have read the short reviews on some renowned beauty stores, now it is your turn to decide which one is preferable to you.