How to pay the electricity bill in Bangladesh?

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Bangladesh Power Development Board, commonly known as BPDB is a public sector organization established in 1972 to boost the country’s power sector. BPDB board Is now working under the power division of the Ministry of Power, Energy and Mineral Resources Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh.

“Electricity is really just organized lightning” ― George Carlin

How to pay the electricity bill in Bangladesh?

In Bangladesh, consumers can pay their electricity bills mainly in 2 ways.

01. Firstly, Manual Way:

In this way, customers have to visit the financial banks and wait for their serial number. Then the user pays the electricity bill by cash at the counter. It’s a hassle process. In this system Sometimes It may happen that after the user paid their bill but again, they are asked to pay the bill because of the lack of proper coordination.

A few years ago this is the only payment method for the electricity bill in Bangladesh. But now it’s different. Consumers have other choices to pay their electricity bills.

02. Secondly, Digital Way:

The power division of Bangladesh has taken many developments in the power sector. Now users can pay their electricity bill very easily.

Digitally, there are several types of method like,

Electricity Bill Payment with Mobile App:

There are many apps like Bkash, Rocket, Nagad etc are leadership nowadays. These apps have several advantages. People can check their bill amount, power units used previous bills, and payment records without any doubt.

Take the Pay Bills option on the mobile app and pick ‘Electricity Bills’ in the option. Key in consumer number and select the utility provider from the drop menu. Then fill the amount and put forward. The user will be asked to double-check the transaction.

After a successful transaction, the client will receive an SMS or email for informing. Sometimes, utilities provide come up with someexceptionalelectricity bill payment offers. Mainly they offered cashback or discounts on electricity bill payments made through their company’s app.

Bill payment through mobile phone:

This process is known as the REB bill payment process. REB payment system was launched by the power division and other central government authorities of Bangladesh. If customers want to pay a bill using a mobile phone they should have a Teletalk sim card.

First of all, users are compelled to register their sim cards. To pay the bill they need to write SMS by following the instructions and send it to 727. In this process to confirm bill payment Consumers have to directly dial *727*2 customer I’d*bill month*bill year# and then press four digits pin. Telecharge facility is available everywhere. It is a very straightforward and quick bill payment system.

Bill Payment Through Online:

The online bill payment method is very helpful. In this process, it is achievable to pay the electricity bill and save money at the same time.

This citation has two categories,

The postpaid method by using a postpaid metering system and consumer-friendly prepaid method. Also called the prepayment metering system. At first, go to the Bangladesh Power Development Board (DPDC) website. DPDC website name is In website clients have to choose an option like Visa card, Master card, Credit card, or Debit card.

Customers can also choose any bank like DBBL, BRAC etc In the procedure of internet banking clients can select the Southeast bank, AB bank, Mutual trust bank, or Prime bank, etc. The bank will inform their clients by email and SMS indicating the outstanding amount and due date. After selecting the bank, the client has to put customers numbers, card information, PIN, And paid amount on the website.

However, customers need enough funds in the account for the bank to pay the electricity bill. It will show various booths and points where customers can pay electricity bills in their area. But the location needs not to be close to clients' homes, offices even the town.

Pay Bill at Post Office:

Consumers can make electricity bill payments at the postal service. The Bangladesh government makes it mandatory for all utility providers to accept electricity bill payments from the nominated post office. This system helps the people living in rustic and semi-urban areas in Bangladesh.

Pay Bill by iPay:

Pay bills without coming upon banks or agent points from the iPay. it serves to simplify all aspects of life in a featureless transition.

Paying bills can be quite a bother when life gets busy, especially when people have more than one kind of bill to pay. Users have to follow the following step to pay their electricity bills from iPay.

So those are the systems of paying electricity bills in Bangladesh. Electricity bill payment method like the use of mobile phone, mobile app/wallet, or online banking organization makes living easier.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

+How to check DPDC Electricity bill online in Bangladesh?

It's very easy to check BD Electricity bills through online. First - Visit DPDC Website, then - input your Customer number as well as select month and year, after that click search button.

+How do i pay my electricity bill online?

Various way you can pay your electricity bills online.

+What is the best electric bill payment app in Bangladesh?

Bkash is the best electric bill payment app in Bangladesh.