The 10 Best Refrigerator Brands in Bangladesh 2024

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Refrigerators have now become an essential commodity in our day-to-day life. Especially they save the time of the busy people. If there is a refrigerator at your home, you need not worry about going to the market every day. You can preserve vegetables, fishes or meat for one or two weeks without any obstruction.

Are you looking for the best brand of the refrigerator in the present market? People generally look for good products at a cheap rate. But before finding out the best one, you need to choose the best brands.

There are so many manufacturing companies in Bangladesh that provide refrigerators. In this article, we are going to give you a list of the 10 best refrigerator brands in Bangladesh.

The 10 Best Refrigerator Brands in Bangladesh

Here's a list of the 10 best quality Refrigerator Brands in BD:

01. Walton

If you wanna purchase the best refrigerator at the cheapest rate, Walton might be a perfect choice. You can check the refrigerators of different brands in your local market; you will understand Walton gives the best ones at a very rational rate. As this is a native brand, it is very logical to charge less.

If your budget is under BDT 20,000, you can try out WALTON WFD-1B6-GDEL-XX Frost Refrigerator. It costs BDT 16,000 only. Undoubtedly, markets in Bangladesh are mostly Walton occupied according to the number of sales. It offers a 12-year guarantee that means a lot.

02. Samsung

Samsung is a trusted brand in the electronics market. Most of the fridge models are very much attractive and equipped with outstanding features. There is no doubt this brand is bringing great updates. You will be surprised to know that the latest ones can be monitored by your smartphone.

But if you look for a good-quality Samsung fridge with a standard cost, you can buy Top Mount Samsung 253L. It’s enough for a big family, I guess. It assures non-frost. You can buy this model with 10 years of compressor warranty. Its price is BDT 40,900.

03. Singer

Singer is one of the most popular brands in Bangladesh. Probably, there is anyone in Bangladesh who does not know the name of this electronics brand. There is no doubt that refrigerators of this brand are good. You will find a lot of refrigerator models of Singer. But if you want one at a cheaper rate, I recommend you to buy Singer-DF2-18-RN fridge.

Actually, Singer provides good-quality products and so they cost much. But it is rational indeed. However, that model mentioned above is really a great surprise for those who wanna buy refrigerators of the Singer brand at a cheaper rate. It costs BDT 19,900 only.

04. Vision

Many people like to purchase Vision refrigerators. Is your budget under BDT 20,000 and want to buy a refrigerator from Vision? No worries! You can buy Vision GD Refrigerator RE-150L. You can preserve a lot of food in it. I think this one can satisfy your demand. This fridge has a 100% copper condenser.

In addition to this, it is also a native brand and manufactured with Italian technology. In the present market, this model costs BDT 18,500 only. It’s well-suited for those who want to buy one under BDT 20,000.

05. Minister

Minister is such a brand that is known to all more or less. With the passage of time, the demand for Minister Refrigerators is increasing day by day. You can buy a Minister fridge with an easy installment. Besides, the rate is not so high. Minister offers outstanding refrigerators at a lower rate.

People who have a lower budget can buy Minister M-165. It has 10 safeties with 60% of energy saving. This one has a fast-cooling system. So, your fridge becomes cool faster. In the present market, it costs BDT 20,860.

06. Jamuna

Jamuna is a popular brand in Bangladesh. They offer good-quality refrigerators in accordance with the demand of their customers. Interestingly, you are getting up to 60% energy saving. It offers refrigerators at standard rates.

However, do you wanna get one with a low budget? No worry! You can buy Jamuna JE-170L CD WATER LILY. You will be able to buy it for around BDT 22000-23000. Amazingly, it gives up to 72 hours of backup even if electricity runs out.


At present, Konka refrigerators have gained great popularity across Bangladesh. The quality of this brand is so good indeed. KONKA offers good-quality refrigerators at a very rational rate. Do you want to have a good one around BDT 20,000? Then I strongly recommend you to buy KONKA 13KRT7CZG Refrigerators 10 CFT.

This freeze has 10 safeties and is undoubtedly perfect for a small family. It is equipped with a glass door and so looks wonderful. Besides, there is no chance of rust in it. This amazing one costs BDT 20,400. The capacity of this model is 137L. You can choose other attractive models of this brand.

08. MyOne

MyOne is one of the most well-known brands in Bangladesh. MyOne offers outstanding refrigerators at lower and very rational costs. If you have a great choice for this brand and your budget is under BDT 22,000, you can purchase MyOne ML-195 Refrigerators-222 Liters.

This model is manufactured with Polyol and polymeric MDI. As it is vitamin protective, vitamins in fresh foods are preserved. Do you get worried about the electricity bills? Don’t worry because this one is energy-saving at all. Besides, the glass door protects it from rust. Now, MyOne is offering 10 years guarantee for this model. In the present market, it costs BDT 21,900.


More or less all of us have heard the name of this brand at all. MARCEL is a suitable brand. However, I recommend you to purchase MFD-A4D-GDE for its good quality and lower rate. This refrigerator gets cool faster.

The capacity of this refrigerator is 157L that is perfect for a medium-sized family. There is no chance of rust due to having a tempered glass door. It has a 100% copper condenser built with nanotechnology. It costs BDT 20,000.

10. Conion

Conion might not be a well-known brand in Bangladesh but they have good-quality refrigerators. You can buy Conion Refrigerator BE-170 GD with a standard budget. It’s amazing to say this fridge is built with eco-saving technology. In addition to this, it is energy-saving.

The refrigerators of this model perform all the same whatever they get high-voltage or low-voltage connection. Besides, its capacity is 170L. The market price of this model is BDT 22,500.

Some Facts to Keep in Mind before Buying a Refrigerator / Fridge:

✔ Brand (People have different brand choices.)
✔ Is it energy-saving or not?
✔ Is it frost or non-frost?
✔ Its size and your demand
✔ Capacity
✔ Quality of compressor, etc.

Final Words

Nowadays, there are a few electronic home appliances that have become a part of our day-to-day life. A refrigerator is one of them. It protects vegetables, fruits, and other foods from being rotten. As it means a lot in our daily life, we need to choose a handsome brand. I hope this article helps you to choose a good one.