General Information About Armenia

Armenia FlagTalking about this amazing country Armenia, we cannot forget about the well-known line which is “Armenian is an open-air museum and visit here it means to travel back in old period and feel likes a spirit of more than 40 centuries.

It is the country which was the primary to adopt Christianity as a country religion. Traveling here you’ll be amazed by culture, tradition, arts, crafts, and religion, sincere hospitality, and delicious meals. Most of all, the friendly and warm manner of the people will make your stay here memorable. Once you visit here, you’ll be thinking of your next trip because one trip will not be enough for you.

Monastery of TATEV

There’re several attractions here and most well-known recent spots is the Monastery of TATEV with their modern constructed ropeway. And Interesting features of this place is the St. ASTVATSADZIN 1087 that’s built on the rampart and reached by a steep flight of steps from within the complex.

National Gallery

This National Gallery serves to hold some outstanding treasures such as art from modern to classical times. Not just it does keep local art but western art also. It was established in 1919 and since it was founded it serve up as the storehouse from the Armenian’s cultural items.

Zvartnots Temple

This stunning temple stands testament to the country as having one of the oldest national church in the globe. ZVARTNOTS temple dates more than 1600 years in the age and only been newly excavated by a group of archaeologists.

Lover’s Park

The next amazing spot is in Armenia is Lover’s Park. It’s situated on BAGHRAMYAN Avenue. It’s a small but extremely elegant park. You can spend a comfortable time there with your family because it’s the finest place for kids. There’re small bridges acrossartificialwater pools.