Top 10 Shopping Malls and Centres in Dhaka, Bangladesh

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Shopping is a joyous occasion at home and the Eid festival is out of the question. Who doesn’t want to buy the best shopping mail for their family? The whole family went to the famous shopping mail together, shop around and buy the best products or things. Without shopping, traveling, or going to others is impossible.

Everyone wants to shop for their loved persons or sometimes for themselves. That makes your life more happy and memorable. Dhaka is the biggest city for shopping centers. The people of Dhaka are very much interested in shopping.

There are also so many attractive and beautiful shopping places in Dhaka city. Most men and women who love shopping are passing their beautiful time in shopping mail. They also are visiting shopping centers for buying their important things.

Most of the shopping centers in Dhaka are provides a lot of advantages of living in Dhaka. Because they provide their services not only for shopping but also to eat and watching the movie.

Top 10 Shopping Malls and Centres in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Here's a list of the top 10 Best Shopping Malls and Centres in Dhaka City, BD:

01. Jamuna Future Park

The architectural wonder and esthetically excellent shopping centers in Dhaka city, Bangladesh are the Jamuna Future Park. It is also the biggest shopping center in Dhaka city. They covered 33 acres of areas and located in Bashundhara near to Shahjalal International Airport. The shopping centers are ear-conditioned, and Wi-Fi internet with their plant.

02. Bashundhara City Shopping Complex

One of the biggest and western-style shopping centers in Bangladesh is the Bashundhara City Shopping Complex. It was situated in Panthapath in Dhaka city in 2004. It is famous for its entertainment, shopping, and popularity. It is covered 191200 areas square fit. There are also a multiplex cinema, gymnasium, cafeterias, gaming zone, theme park, and top food court in this shopping center.

They are dividing their portion into eight levels. From one to four levels, they provide fashion products services, and five, six, seven levels, they provide electrical and footwear services.

03. Eastern Plaza

Eastern Plaza Shopping centers are situated in Hatirpool in Dhaka city in 1990. But they functionally started their journey in 1992 in January. If you want to buy electronic products, it is the best shopping center for you because they provide electronic products and also a multi stored shopping mail.

04. Police Plaza Concord

One of the multistoried commercial shopping centers is Police Plaza Concord which is a luxury shopping center, a fully air-conditioned and modern facility. According to Bangladesh Police Welfare Trust, it was situated in Gulshan 1.

05. Shimanto Square

Shimanto Square Shopping Centers is located near to Dhaka University and Pilkhana. That's why it is a very popular shopping center in Dhaka city in Bangladesh. If you are a food lover, then these shopping centers are the best choice for you. Because it is maintained by Bangladesh Border Guard.

06. New Market

From the ancient period in 1954, New Market in Dhaka City takes its position on the tap level. It is called the first modern old market, and new market shopping centers. It is located in Mirpur, Dhaka, and covered 35 acres of areas. It looks like a triangular shape.

If you are an ice cream lover, then it is the best place for you. It is the historical and modern market place from the ancient period that provides services with all types of buying products. If you want to buy products with bargaining and a cheaper price, then the new market is the best shopping center for you.

07. Tokyo Square

Tokyo Square is the most popular shopping center in Mohammadpur in Dhaka, Bangladesh for its residential people in these areas. This shopping center is a very demanding and valuable asset for these areas. It is not only a shopping center but also a convention center in Dhaka city.

08. Fortune Shopping Mall

Journalist Selina Parvin Road in Dhaka, Bangladesh is famous for Fortune Shopping Centers. The products of this shopping center are bit expensive and luxurious because the whole center is a fully air-conditioned system.

All products are available in here but little bit expensive. It is best for rich people and the high-level class society in Dhaka city.

09. Noorjahan Market

If you want to shop for your whole family, Noorjahan Market is the best shopping center for you. You will buy products for your whole family at affordable and reasonable prices. The quality of products is the same as other shopping centers because they came to their products from international vendors.

10. North Tower and Mascot Plaza

Uttara in Dhaka city is a very bustling area. Many shopping centers are available here. Among them, Mascot Plaza and North Tower are very popular shopping center. You can easily be buying and shopping here with your whole family at an adorable price. Both of the shopping centers are located at the same place side by side. They also provide food services but these are very luxurious.