The 10 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Gazipur

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Gazipur is one of the best places in Bangladesh for tourist. It is a district located near the capital of Dhaka City. So many tourist attractions are available here.

If you want to picnic with your whole family, then it is the best place for you because there are many picnic spots, resorts, parks and spas. It is also named an industrial area because it has several multinational, government, and national companies.

There is a large population that is living in this district. The city corporation of Gazpur district established in January 2013. The mayor of the Gazipur City Corporation (GCC) is Advocate Jahangir Alam.

Today, I am discussing with you the "Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Gazipur" that is a natural attraction for all types of tourists nationally and internationally.

10 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Gazipur

Here's a list of the Best Places to Visit in Gazipur, Bangladesh:

01. Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Safari Park

Bangabandhu Safari Park is also known as Sheikh Mujib Safari Park that is the famous and popular safari park in the country and the world. It is very closest to the highway of Mymensingh that has five different parks in this division.

You can see forty-seven different categories of animals like tiger, zebra, duck, lion, and others. A recent informative video about Safari Park Gazipur is included.

02. Bhawal Resort and Spa

Bhawal Resort and Spa is a rainforest resort situated in Noljahni, Gazipur. It informed around the areas as a boutique villa resort with standard levels. If you want to get the room services in this resort, you must pay around twelve thousand for every room.

03. BRAC CDM Rajendrapur

BRAC CDM provides a modern room for every customer with dining and free breakfast situated in Rajendrapur, Gazipur. It is the first choice for every traveler for resorting advantages. They also are taking Wi-Fi activities for their customers.

04. Nuhash Polli

Nuhash Polli is the famous and the most natural attractive place in Gazipur district that is situated in 1997 and abounding twenty-two bigha of land by the procure of Dr. Ejaz. The fascinating place of this Polli is the pond, and, also the bridge is constructed over the pond.

05. Green View Golf Resort

Green View Resort is providing its services with high security. They are offering their customers high-quality restaurants, an outdoor pool, a boating lake, and others it renting their accommodation facilities mainly for social events and corporate meetings. The meeting accommodation places are looking just awesome. It is situated in Vangnahati, Sreepur, Gazipur.

06. Nokkhottrobari Resort

Nokkhottrobari Resort gives you a different source for enjoying and looking for something else. It is a multiple and diverse earth that is surrounding the whole area in a green village.

It is full of noise removal places. If you want to enjoy your time with different noise removal places inside the Dhaka Division, then you can choose this resort for your best time spending places.

07. Chuti Resort & Picnic Spot

Chuti Resort & Picnic Spot situated in Amtoli, Gazipur, in Dhaka, Bangladesh. They are also offering its customers free breakfast and other free services for gaining their hearts.

It is the first place that provides its customers with an eco-lifestyle. The costing activity per person mainly depends on the room category that you want to choose.

08. Shohag Palli Park & Resort

Shohag Palli Park & Resort covered ten acres of parkland located in Sinaboh Safipur Road, Gazipur, Bangladesh. It is mainly secular as a picnic spot with looking restaurants, plus a garden, and full of amenities.

If you want to relax your life with natural scenery, then you can choose this resort. It is the best natural picnic spot in Bangladesh that provides high accommodation services with luxurious life spending around the whole country.

09. Sarah Resort

Sarah Resort is situated and located in Bhawal Rajabari, Gazipur, in Dhaka, Bangladesh. This resort is designed by the natural elements with friendly but materials and equipment of this modern resort is luxurious.

If you want to visit and, getting an advantage from Dhaka, then you take just one and a half hours. That's why for any corporate meeting, everybody firstly chooses this resort.

The premium villa of this resort is looking just amazing and the best place. If you want to spend time with your wife, then it is the perfect noise removal and worldless land that takes you full of enjoyment.

10. Bhawal National Park

According to the Wildlife Act of 1974, Bhawal National Park is firstly introduced in 1982 and covered 940 hectares of land.

This park is surrounding the whole area by the forest. There are also available in plants, animals, and others. If you want to visit this park, then you can freely come by bus.