Weekly Bangalee Bangla Newspaper New York

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Weekly Bangalee (সাপ্তাহিক বাঙালী) is a popular and most widely read Bengali language bd newspaper in New York, United States. The newspaper publishes insightful Bangla news about the Bangladeshi community in New York, around the US and World.

Weekly Bangalee is a weekly newspaper published in the United States for the Bangladeshi American community. It is one of the oldest Bangladeshi newspapers in the United States, having been in circulation for over 20 years.

Weekly Bangalee

The newspaper provides news, analysis, and features on a range of topics including politics, business, culture, sports, and entertainment.

The Weekly Bangalee covers issues that are of interest to the Bengali community living in the USA. The newspaper has a strong focus on current affairs, and provides in-depth coverage of political developments in Bangladesh, as well as the United States.

The newspaper also reports on events and issues that are important to the Bengali community in the United States, including cultural events, business developments, and community news.

In addition to news and analysis, the Weekly Bangalee also features opinion articles, interviews, and features on a variety of topics. The newspaper has a section dedicated to sports, providing updates on cricket and other popular sports in Bangladesh.

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Overall, the Weekly Bangalee is a valuable source of news and information for the Bangladeshi American community, providing a critical voice on current affairs and community issues. With its strong reporting and analysis, the newspaper continues to be an important part of the Bangladeshi American media landscape.