Daily Manabzamin Tabloid Bangla Newspaper

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The Daily Manab Zamin is one of the most circulated daily newspapers in Bangladesh. The paper is printed in tabloid format. Mahbuba Chowdhury and Matiur Rahman Chowdhury are the publisher and editor-in-chief of this national daily respectively.

This newspaper has been popular for its unique presentation of news for the past 22 years. It includes 24 pages. The newspaper costs BDT 8. It also has an online counterpart that is as popular.

The Daily Manabzamin covers news mostly on Bangladesh. It does, however, have a special page that offers international news. The regular pages of this national daily are National, International, Sports, Entertainment, and Exclusive.

The head office of this newspaper is located at Zenith Tower, 40 Kawran Bazar, Dhaka-1215, and Media Printers 149-150 Tejgaon Industrial Area, Dhaka-1208. The official website of this news portal is www.mzamin.com.


The Daily Manab Zamin started its journey in 1997. Since then it has been serving the nation with objective news and sharing public opinions.


The Daily Manab Zamin has both print and online versions. This Bangladeshi newspaper covers news in many categories such as Khela (Sports), Bishwa Zamin (Land of the World/International), Binodon (Entertainment), Desh Bidesh (Home and abroad), Banglar Zamin (Land of Bengal), Opinions, Shikshangon (Education), Artho-banijya (Economy and Trades), Rajniti (Politics) and so on.

The Daily Manab Zamin is fascinating because it has a lot of international contacts with the English Premier League, UEFA, and FIFA. During the 2022 FIFA World Cup, Manabzamin geared its website with football, providing all team information, player profiles, and the latest news. Furthermore, the daily has a partnership with Warner Bros and Sony. This is why this newspaper always provides its readers with the most up-to-date information about new Hollywood films such as Superman Returns, Casino Royale, and Batman Begins.

Supplements and Features

The Daily Manab Zamin publishes supplements and features such as Tothyo Projukti (Information Technology), Shorir O Mon (Body and Mind), Football Biswa-cup (Football World Cup), Biswa-cup Magazine (World Cup Magazine), Rokomari (Varieties), etc. The newspaper does not have a feature page with any specific name. But it covers a wide range of feature articles.


The Daily Manab Zamin is published in Bengali only. There is no English edition of this popular newspaper. Besides, this newspaper does not offer any overseas editions such as UK or US editions. The print paper is distributed in Bangladesh only. You can buy the print version of this newspaper from anywhere in Bangladesh. But the paper is widely read online by hundreds of thousands of Bengali-speaking people around the world.


This daily tabloid newspaper from Bangladesh has positioned in the top 500 web-based newspapers in the world, providing the most recent political, entertainment, and sports news from across the world. Every month, around 1.6 million users from 189 countries browse the website which has made it one of the most viewed Bengali-language online newspapers in the world.

According to Similarweb monthly traffic data, Manabzamin online received 3.8M hits. In Bangladesh, Manabzamin online has ranked 15 in News and Media Publishers category. jugantor.com is mzamin.com's top rival in December 2022, with 6.9M views. Dailynayadiganta.com, with 3.7M views in December 2022, is the second most comparable site to mzamin.com, and dailyinqilab.com, with 3.0M, rounds out the top three.

dailyjanakantha.com is the fourth most comparable website to mzamin.com, while kalerkantho.com is the fifth most similar website. In December 2022, dailyjanakantha.com and kalerkantho.com had 471.8K and 9.4M hits, respectively.

App Products

Manab Zamin does not offer any official app products. But some apps on app stores provide a direct link to this news portal along with other familiar newspapers published in Bangladesh. However, you can bookmark the website link to your default browser. This can help you visit Manab Zamin’s website quickly and read the news.


The present editor of this newspaper is Matiur Rahman Chowdhury. He has been the editor of this newspaper from the beginning. Chowdhury is an editor, journalist, and talk-show host. Also, he reports for the VOA (Voice of America) Bangla. He wrote three books: Palashi Theke Baghdad, Inside Politics, and Kutnitir Andarmahal.

Final Words

The Daily Manabzamin is one of the fastest-growing newspapers in the newspaper history of Bangladesh. According to pressport.com, this newspaper circulates 50,000 copies daily. Aside from this, the online version receives massive traffic.