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Bangladesh Pratidin is a popular Bengali newspaper owned by East West Media Group. The publisher of this newspaper is Moynal Hossain Chowdhury. Bangladesh is printed in 'broadsheet' format. It includes 8 columns and 12 pages. This newspaper is printed in four colors.

Literally ‘Bangladesh Pratidin’ means ‘Everyday Bangladesh’. However, this newspaper is not limited to the news of Bangladesh. It provides news in a wide array of categories. Bangladesh Pratidin has obtained mass popularity in Bangladesh.

According to a private research organization, Bangladesh Pratidin is the most widely read printed newspaper in Bangladesh. With 6.8 million readers, Bangladesh Pratidin leads the local newspaper industry. Bangladesh Pratidin has taken the lead in the worldwide Bangla newspaper industry by establishing printed editions in the US and the UK.

The head office of this newspaper is located at Plot -371 / A, Block-D, Bashundhara Residential Area, Baridhara, Dhaka. The official web address is


Bangladesh Pratidin started its journey on March 15, 2010. East West Media Group Ltd, a sister company of the Bashundhara Group, owns Bangladesh Protidin. The Chairman of the group is Ahmed Akbar Sobhan. The Bashundhara Group is expanding its business, starting with real estate and progressing to the steel industry. Paper-based manufacturing is one of their core businesses. Their new company, East-West Media Group Ltd, was established in 2009. On March 15, 2022, this newspaper celebrated its 13th anniversary.


Bangladesh Protidin has three types of publications: printed newspaper, internet-based publication, and e-paper. Web-based Bangladesh Pratidin is quite popular both in Bangladesh and worldwide. Every day, a large number of individuals read the Bangladesh Pratidin internet edition. The majority of Bangladesh Pratidin newspaper readers are from the Middle East. The official website of this newspaper is accessible through mobile devices, iOS, desktops, tablets, and so on.

Bangladesh Pratidin covers news of many categories such as National News, NagarJibon (City Life), Purbo-Parchim (East-West), Editorial, Rakomari (Varieties), Showbiz, Deshgram, Mathemoidane (In the field/Sports), Khola Kalam (Open Pen), Jibhondhara (Lifestyle), Talkshow, Ajker Rashi (Horoscope), Islam, Tech World, Muktomoncho (Open Stage), Highlights, Lead News, Krishi O Prakiti (Agriculture and Environment), Feature, and others.

Supplements and Features

Bangladesh Pratidin is enriched with supplements and features dealing with a wide number of topic areas such as history, environment, agriculture, showbiz, technology, and more. The feature has been branding Bangladesh depicting positive vibes.


Bangladesh Pratidin is published in Bengali only. This newspaper has a Europe edition that is circulated in the UK. This edition started the journey on October 4, 2018. This edition has been satisfying the British Bangladeshi community by making solid news and presenting the voice of Bangladeshi expatriates.

Bengali-speaking people, especially journalists, built a strong foundation for Bengali journalism in the United Kingdom. The Europe edition of Bangladesh Pratidin hopes to bring people together from Bangladesh and ex-pats in Europe.

Syed Nahas Pasha, head of the London Bangla Press Club, stated that Bangladesh Pratidin would be able to meet the needs of expatriate readers while ensuring accuracy. Nawab Uddin, the editor of the weekly Janamat, stated this newspaper has contributed much to the spread of the native language rather than gaining financial benefits.

Along with the UK edition, Bangladesh Pratidin has a North American edition as well. This edition is distributed in the United States. It has been contributing to connecting the people of Bangladesh and expatriates living in North America. The US edition of Bangladesh Pratidin focuses on the Bangladesh American community. Both US and UK editions are available online along with the printed version.


Bangladesh Pratidin is presently the most widely distributed daily newspaper in Bangladesh. Its current circulation is more than 0.5 million. What makes this newspaper so popular is that it is less expensive than its competitors and publishes authentic content. After Anandabazar, it has the world's second-highest circulation among Bengali newspapers.

According to Similarweb monthly visit data, is's top rival in December 2022, with 9.4M views. The second most comparable site is, with 471.8K views in December 2022, and, with 3.8M. is the fourth most comparable website to, while is the fifth most comparable website. In December 2022, and got 3.0M and 3.7M views, respectively.

App Products

Bangladesh Pratidin has an official app offered by East West Media Group Ltd. This app is compatible with android and iOS. You can easily download the app from Google Play Store or Apple store. The Bangladesh Pratidin app offers you to read this paper online. It also offers printed news articles online. It allows you to customize the feed you scroll. You can put particular articles in Favorite.

The mobile application of Bangladesh Pratidin includes two other sections: the latest news and the most popular news. Bangladesh Pratidin app developers give attention to your health. This is why they have added the dark theme feature.

It is amazing to say that the Bangladesh Pratidin android app has been downloaded 100K times on Google Play Store.


The paper's Savar correspondent was detained by Bangladesh Police in February 2017 for instigating labor unrest, attacking companies, and seizing clothes. His lawyer claimed that the police tortured him while he was detained. According to his family and lawyer, he was detained for reporting on police extortion of factory owners.


The present editor of Bangladesh Pratidin is Naem Nizam. He is also a journalist, writer, and philanthropist. In the 1980s, Nizam worked as a political reporter. He is a member of the Editors' Council, an organization of Bangladeshi newspaper editors. In that position, he and other editors, including Prothom Alo, issued a statement requesting the release of Mahmudur Rahman and condemning the raid on the daily Daily Inqilab, as well as the detention and harassment of journalists throughout Bangladesh. He also questioned the new broadcast rules, claiming that they will undermine the freedom of the press.

Final Words

Bangladesh Pratidin is one of the most popular Bengali newspapers published in Bangladesh. In terms of circulation, Bangladesh Pratidin is the country's largest Bangla daily. Every day, more than 500,000 readers are being delivered printed copies. The UK and the US editions have given this newspaper a new dimension.