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The Daily Amader Orthoneeti (আমাদের অর্থনীতি) is a Bangladeshi daily business newspaper published in 2008 from Dhaka, Bangladesh. It's one of the most widely read Bangla business newspaper.

The paper is published in a broadsheet format. There are 8 columns in this newspaper and the news is printed on brown newsprint paper. Nasima Khan Monty is the editor and Masuda Bhatti is the executive editor of this daily publication.

The paper mainly deals with news on Bangladesh and the international economy. This is one of the best newspapers to know about share market news. The paper covers economy-based news in some categories including Amar Desh, Amader Bishwa, Omrito Kotha, and Binodon. But all the news covered by this paper is directly or indirectly related to the economy. In addition to this, this newspaper also publishes religious news.

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