Bonik Barta Business daily Newspaper in Bangladesh

By Andrew Harry | Updated on

Daily Bonik Barta (বণিক বার্তা) is one of the most popular business daily newspapers in Bangladesh. Read latest breaking, business and financial information, currency trading news, Bangla Biz news updates, insight around the world in Bengali language from Bonik Barta online version of news portal.

Bonik Barta started its journey in 2012. From the very beginning, the paper has been able to win the heart of businessmen. I think it is really a trusted publication for stock market news. Surprisingly, the paper sold over 134,000 printed copies daily on average as of 2018. So, you can guess its popularity.

The sole owner of Bonik Barta is BizBangla Media Limited. This publication publishes an online edition besides the print version. Both versions are equally popular among business-minded people throughout the country. This daily newspaper is published in broadsheet format. This 6-column paper has 16 pages on a regular basis.

Besides the daily newspaper, the publication also publishes a weekly magazine that is published once a week. This publication not only covers news but also arranges non-fiction book fairs and entrepreneurs awards each year. If you are looking for a reliable share market newspaper in Bangladesh, I will definitely recommend this one.

Bonik Barta delivers national and international business news. Check latest updates on Bangladeshi business, stock updates, the latest trends in technology, finance, economy, real estate and commercial news from around the Nation.