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The Daily Ittefaq, one of the most widely read newspapers in Bangladesh, was launched in 1953, making it the country's oldest journalistic organization. Ittefaq Group of Publications Limited owns it.

Moulana Abdul Hamid Khan Bhashani founded the Bangla newspaper, which played a significant role in Bangladesh's liberation. Tasmima Hossain now holds the position of editor of this newspaper. Their office is located at 40, Karwan Bazar, Dhaka 1215, Bangladesh.

For more than half-century, this newspaper has provided authentic news. It began as a weekly newspaper and eventually transformed into a daily version. This newspaper is well-liked for its coverage of numerous sorts of news items while remaining focused on crucial details.


On August 15, 1949, Ittefaq began as a weekly with editor Tofazzal Hossain Manik Mia, founder president Mawlana Abdul Hamid Khan Bhashani, and publisher Yar Mohammad Khan.

Ittefaq started its journey by combating the toughest exploitation conditions, taking a stand against the exploiters, and exposing the truth. It's a terrifying time! Ittefaq debuted as a daily on December 24, 1953. Tafazzal Hossain Manik Mia, the pioneer of brave journalism, is the journey's hero.

Ittefaq spotlighted four national leaders' achievements in the face of oppression by oppressors. Ittefaq served as a mouthpiece for the six-point movement in 1966. The genuine manifestation of Ittefaq against oppression was realized for the first time in 1971 with the victory narrative. Ittefaq is widely known as a powerful friend of Bangladesh in all conditions, dating back to the liberation movement and continuing now.

The date was December 10, 1971. The armed forces seized the executive secretary of this newspaper Sirajuddin Hossain at 3:00 a.m. He never returned. Ittefaq has proved its courage many times. One of the most difficult things in our life is to practice and preserve the dignity of truth. The daily Ittefaq represents a relentless sharp pen. The pen's ink never runs out!


Ittefaq has both online and printed editions. On its website, this newspaper publishes a daily Bengali electronic version as well as an English edition geared toward a younger audience. This news site also features an E-paper. The newspaper guarantees that there is something for everyone to read and if you want to get really deep. People like it because of its unique combination.

This paper is printed in broadsheet format. It includes 20 pages. The Daily Ittefaq usually contains 11 categories. They are as follows: Rajdhani (Capital), Bisso Songbad (World News), Silop Banijjo (Economics), Aiojon (Special), Binodon Protidin (Entertainment), Saradesh (Country), Khelar Khobor (Sports News), Sompadokio (Editorial), Upo-Sompadikio (Sub-Edotirial), It Corner (Education), etc.

Supplements and Features

This paper covers a wide range of supplements in a weak. They are Janar Dunia (know of the world), Projommo (Generation), Torun Kontho (Youth Voice), Korcha (LifeStyle), Mohila Ownggon (Women World), Campus (Education), Anondo Binodon (Entertainment), Samoiki (Arts & Culture) Kochi Kachar Ashor (kids), etc. In addition, it publishes two Eid supplements in a year.

Ittefaq is well-known for its interesting and deep feature stories. It focuses on what is going on in the present world, what to do, where to go, and tons of topics. The feature section has been branding Bangladesh with unique stories and facts.


The print version of the Daily Ittefaq has only the Bengali edition. That means this newspaper is printed for Bangladeshi readers only. You will be able to buy the print copy from anywhere in Bangladesh. In Bangladesh, there are no newspaper readers who have not read the Daily Ittefaq ever either online or the print version. Unlike the print version, the online version includes an English edition along with the Bengali edition. Ittefaq is read online by hundreds of thousands of readers around the world.


There is no doubt Ittefaq is one of the best and most-read newspapers in Bangladesh. The close competitors of this newspaper are the Daily Inqilab, the Daily Jugantar, the Daily Manab Zamin, the Daily Janakantha, etc. The Daily Ittefaq is preferable due to its unique voice and courage to face the truth.

As of December 2022, around 3.4 million mobile and desktop users have visited Ittefaq online. The data of the last month reveals that ittefaq.com.bd is ranked #12 in Bangladesh and #21654 globally in the News and Media Publishers category.

App Products

The Daily Ittefaq does not have any official app products. There are some modded applications available online. But these types of unofficial applications can be a security threat. So, this is wise to read this newspaper by entering the official website. Besides, you will get some android apps on Google Play Store that provide links to top newspapers in Bangladesh. These are safe to browse.


Tofazzal Hossain Manik Mia - The founding editor of the Daily Ittefaq was Tofazzal Hossain Manik Mia. Miah was born in 1911 in Pirojpur District. After completing his entrance examination from Pirojpur High School, he received his B. A. from Barisal Brojomohun College. As an assistant, he began working for the Pirojpur sub-divisional officer. He later became the district public relations officer. He left his job to pursue a career in journalism.

Miah was an outspoken critic of military dictatorship, despotism, and violations of people's fundamental rights. After martial law was declared on October 7, 1958, editor Manik Mia began publishing several editorials denouncing the military administration. Manik Mia's two sons, Mainul Hossain and Anwar Hossain Manju, took over the management after his death in 1969. After Bangladesh's independence, Ittefaq was nationalized.

Nurul Islam Patwari - Nurul Islam Patwari was appointed as editor-in-chief on 17 June 1975. Mainul Hossain and Anwar Hossain Manju regained ownership on August 24, 1975.

Tasmima Hossain - Tasmima Hossain, Anwar Hossain Manju's wife, is the newspaper's present editor.

Final Words

Ittefaq is Bangladesh's oldest national newspaper in Bengali. This newspaper is owned by the Ittefaq Group of Publications. It is published on a regular basis since the Pakistan time and has maintained its popularity. This newspaper is available in both print and online versions. Every day, around 0.3 million copies of this newspaper are circulated across the country.