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The Daily Prothom Alo (দৈনিক প্রথম আলো) is one of the largest Bangla newspaper in Bangladesh based on Bangladeshi circulation. Read Daily Prothom Alo Online Bangla 24/7 live Newspaper, Bangladeshi Newspapers, Top Bangla Newspapers, Prothom-alo bd news headlines, Trusted Bengali Online Media Link in Bangladesh. National and International lifestyles, politics, economy, trading, culture, fitness, budget, doctor advice, technology, parliament, population many more features at one place.

If you are looking for latest breaking news and features of Bangladesh, just go to prothomalo online or buy a newspaper from your nearest local store. they began their journey on 4 November 1998. As stated by National Media Survey, Every single day more than 5.3 million individuals are reading their print version of newspapers. as well as, prothom-alo online portal is the most visited Bengali new website of the universe.

Furthermore, they started english news portal only on online version. it brings you the Bangladeshi current news in Bangla, analysis by specialists, opinion by the right person on the right case, latest technologies, lifestyles and video entertainment.


The first edition of the Prothom Alo newspaper was published in 1998. Matiur Rahman, a renowned journalist, and Bangladeshi politician is the founding editor of this daily newspaper. He has been playing the role of the publisher of this paper since 2008.

The newspaper cherished the slogan, Ja Kichu Bhalo Tar Songe Prothom Alo (Prothom Alo is with whatever is good) as a symbol of social revolution. Then it changed the slogan to Badle Jao, Badle daw (Be changed and make others change).

In 2013, it got a new slogan, Path Harabe Na Bangladesh (Bangladesh will never lose its track.) Then in 2018, during its 20th anniversary, another new slogan came to light, Bhalor Sathe, Alor Pothe (With the good, way to the light).

In 2021, one of the senior reporters named Rajina Islam got accused of attempting to steal secret files while trying to collect some news about the Health Ministry of Bangladesh. She was detained for 5 hours.


Prothom Alo has both online and printed versions. Readers can find the daily news on its official website. The paper is printed in broadsheet format. Brown newsprint paper is used for this publication. It includes 20 pages.

A magazine is published with the daily paper four days a week. The daily Prothom Alo includes a wide range of news in different categories such as News, Editorial, International, National, Sports, Entertainment, Education, Opinion, Tech-news, Economy and Trades, Environment, Corporate, etc.

Supplements and Features

Prothom Alo is enriched with a significant number of supplements and features. With mainstream news, it includes some additional parts such as entertainment, gastronomy, facials, etc. Prothom Alo has a special section for arts and literature.

Apart from this, it includes a special supplement section that deals with the news of significant days and topics. For kids, this publication publishes a magazine, Kishor Alo. It is published on the 5th day of each month. Besides, it publishes a science magazine on the 15th day of each month.


Prothom Alo has both Bangla and English-language editions. The English edition is available online only. This newspaper has a weekly North American edition that is printed in New York. This edition is distributed among the expatriate Bangladeshis of the USA and Canada.


There is no doubt that Prothom Alo is one of the most-read newspapers in Bangladesh. According to a survey 18.3 percent of people aged 15 and above in Bangladesh read the newspaper on a regular basis. In the country, there are 129 newspapers and 122 periodicals of mentioning. Prothom Alo has 5 million readers. And it has 10.8 million readers who read it at least once a week. The top competitors of this daily newspaper are the Dailystar, the Daily Ittefaq, The Daily Janakantha, The Daily Bangladesh Pratidin, etc.

The website of Prothom Alo,, is the most popular among Bangladeshi and Bangla language websites. Prothom Alo is read online by over 12,000,000 people worldwide on a regular basis. Prothom Alo is ranked fourth in Bangladesh and 454th worldwide in terms of reading and ranking by the US web traffic analysis company Alexa.

App Products

Prothom Alo has official android apps (Bangla Newspaper- Prothom Alo, English News- Prothom Alo) for both Bangla and English editions. So, you can read news online by using their mobile app. Aside from the android app, they have official apps of three different editions (Prothom Alo- North America, English News- Prothom Alo, and Bangla News- Prothom Alo) for iOS and iPhone.

Amazingly, Prothom Alo has an android app (Prothom Alo- Sruti) that reads out the headlines and news articles. Enjoy apps version newspaper online on your favourite Android Phone, Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Huawei, Samsung, Nokia, Vivo, Oppo, Sony, BlackBerry, Google, Motorola and OnePlus Mobile Phone.


Matiur Rahman has been the chief editor of the publication since its start in 1998. Matiur Rahman is a well-known Bangladeshi journalist and recipient of the Ramon Magsaysay Award. He got this award for journalism, literature, and creative communication. He has written five books and edited nine more.


Prothom Alo received two major awards at the International News Media Association's 'Global Media Award-2022'. Prothom Alo placed first in the national brand division's 'Best use of print' category and second in the 'Best idea to grow advertising sales' category.

Final Words

It is an honor for The Daily Prothom Alo to be liberal. That honor comes with the huge responsibility of preserving the standards of a free press. For the past ten years, the newspaper has been steadfast in its pursuit of that goal. This newspaper is standout in terms of unique news and nationwide popularity.