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Bhorer Kagoj is one of the most popular daily newspapers in Bangladesh. This newspaper is published from Dhaka and then distributed across the country. The paper is printed in broadsheet format. This newspaper has gained popularity since the 90s. The current publisher of the magazine is Saber Hossain Chowdhury and the editor is Shyamal Dutta.


The Daily Bhorer Kagoj started its journey in 1992.


This newspaper offers news in print and online. The print version is available everywhere in Bangladesh. The newspaper covers a wide range of news in different categories. The news categories are Bangladesh, Rajniti (Politics), Shiksha (Education), Sharadesh (Country), Arthoniti (Economy), Binodon (Entertainment), Feature, Shakshatkar (Interview), Shampadokiya (Editorial), Off-beat, Oporadh (Crime), Shasthya (Health), Antarjatik (International), Khela (Sports), Jibon Shoili (Lifestyle), Shilpo O Shahitto (Art and Literature), Dhormo (Religion), Mukto Chinta (Open Thought), Technology, and so on. They provide an e-paper that you can read by entering the official website of this news portal.


The Daily Bhorer Kagoj offers a Bengali edition only. It does not provide news in English. And this newspaper does not publish any UK or US editions.

Supplements and Features

Bhorer Kagoj covers features news. They publish feature news from a wide range of news areas such as environment, politics, health, science and technology, lifestyle, religion and more.


We can evaluate a website by its ranking. Bhorerkagoj.com has improved from #369,453 to #326,445 in world ranking over the last few months. And the country ranking has also increased over the last month from #1883 to #1851. In terms of the News & Media Publishers category, this news website ranks #126 in Bangladesh.

According to the Simmilarweb monthly visit data, bhorerkagoj.com has received 163.7K visits as of December 2022. The close competitors of bhorerkagoj.com are dailyjanakantha.com, dailysangram.com, and Kalerkantho.com with 471.8K, 100K, and 13.5K visits respectively as of December 2022.

App Products

The Daily Bhorer Kagoj does not offer any official mobile applications. So I think it's better to read the online version of this newspaper by browsing the official website. There are some mobile apps for this national daily that you will find searching in an internet search engine. But these applications are not offered by the Bhorer Kagoj publication. You should not install this type of unauthorized mobile application on your phone. This might be risky for your cyber security. So go to the official website of this news portal and start scrolling.


Naeemul Islam Khan was the founding editor of the daily Bhorer Kagoj. He is a well-known media personality in Bangladesh. He has been active in journalism since 1982. At present, he has been working as the editor of two newspapers (Daily Amader Orthoniti and The Our Time). He was also the founding editor of the Daily Amader Shomoy.

After Naeemul Islam Khan, Motiur Rahman, who is currently working as an editor at Prothom Alo newspaper, took over as the editor of Dainik Bhorer Kagoj. In 2005, he received the Ramon Magsaysay Award in the Literature and Journalism category. In 2014, Motiur Rahman took over as the president of the Newspaper Owners’ Association of Bangladesh.

After Matiur Rahaman, Benazir Rahman took charge of this popular newspaper. He was once a managing director of the Bhorer Kagoj. He was a confirmed bachelor. He had been suffering from severe heart disease for some years and died of a cardiac attack in 2014.

Then Abed Khan took over as the editor of the newspaper. He is a well-known journalist and columnist. He has been a prominent figure in the news industry of Bangladesh for several decades. Currently, he has been serving as the publisher and editor of The Daily Jagaran. He has written for some top newspapers in Bangladesh including Prothom Alo, Janakantha, and Bhorer Kagoj.

The current editor of this newspaper is Shyamal Dutta. He is the vice president of the Commonwealth Journalists' Association, London. Also, he is an executive member of the National Press Club, Bangladesh. Dutta has hosted some talk shows in ATN Bangla.

Final Words

It has been playing a vital role in providing daily news since its inception on February 15, 1992. There have been many obstacles and barriers in the path of moving on with the slogan 'Mukto Praner Dainik' and afterward 'Mukto Praner Pratidhani'. Nothing, however, could hinder its progress.