The 10 Best Bangladeshi Restaurants in Singapore

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Because of its distinct combination of spices, flavors, and cooking methods, Bangladeshi food has obtained appeal in many countries worldwide. The increasing number of Bangladeshi immigrants who have taken their cooking practices with them to their new homes is one of the reasons for its appeal.

Bangladeshi food is available in restaurants and takeaways in countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia, with dishes ranging from biryanis and curries to kebabs and samosas. Popular Bangladeshi recipes include chicken tikka masala, beef bhuna, shorshe ilish, fish curry, and many more.

While the cuisine has evolved to fit new preferences and ingredients, many restaurants continue to try to preserve traditional recipes and flavors. Bangladeshi food is distinguished by the use of herbs and seasonings such as coriander, cumin, and turmeric, as well as the focus on high-quality ingredients. Bangladeshi food has become a valued part of many countries' culinary landscapes.

This article is going to review 10 selected Bangladeshi restaurants in Singapore. In Singapore, there are a lot of places where you will find Bangladeshi food. But all the places are not equally preferable. We have checked customer feedback and some other info about a wide range of restaurants and picked the top 10.

The 10 Best Bangladeshi Restaurants in Singapore

Here is a list of the 10 best Bangladeshi restaurants in Singapore:

01. Bashundhara Restaurant

Bashundhara Restaurant is one of the Bangladeshi restaurants in Singapore. In the restaurant, you will find mouthwatering delicious Kolkata and Bangladeshi food. Almost all types of Bangladeshi dishes are available here. Bangladeshi sweets and snacks are also available. In addition, special dishes are prepared based on the request.

This restaurant has dine-in, takeaway, and delivery options. One can arrange private parties here. Reviewing the restaurant's customer feedback shows that almost all types of customers are satisfied with eating at this restaurant. The atmosphere of the restaurant is quite nice and pleasant.
Address: 44 Kinta Rd, Singapore 219111

02. Fakruddin Restaurant

Fakruddin Pte Ltd took over the former restaurant at this place in January 2021 and renamed it Fakruddin Restaurant. They completely renovated the place with a contemporary and elegant interior, and the food quality has since improved tremendously.

They take pleasure in the high quality of the cuisine they offer and the outstanding service provided by their welcoming and helpful employees. This is the most famous and delectable Bangladeshi eatery on Desker Road. It is highly recommended, but keep in mind that the prices are slightly higher than elsewhere.
Address: 8 Desker Rd, Singapore 209552

03. Dhanshiri Restaurant

Dhanshiri Restaurant is another great Bangladeshi restaurant located in Singapore. This restaurant is quite a good solution for Bangladeshi locals and tourists. If compared with the standard restaurants in Dhaka, the cost of food is roughly the same. According to Bangladeshi Taka, two people can easily have lunch or dinner within 600 to 700 Taka.

The overall atmosphere of the restaurant is as expected. In the food menu here, you will find Smashed Eggplant, Prawn Salad, Fried Rice, Masala Chicken, Roasted Beef, Smashed Potato, Fish Curry, Biryani, Fried Hilsa, etc. This restaurant is popular for Bangladeshi food at fairly cheap prices.
Address: 33 Desker Rd, Singapore 209565

04. Khana Basmati

This is an excellent eatery with good costs. They provide adequate food at a reasonable price. People from Bangladesh mostly gather here to dine. 10 Singapore dollars is sufficient for two people to dine here. The environment is also tidy and pleasant.

The restaurant is recommended for Bangladeshis looking for a good lunch/dinner. Biriyani, chicken recipe, Naan parota, mutton curry, mutton leg chop, bhuna khichuri, and a variety of bhorta are available here. The mutton Biryani is very delicious here. Even with white rice, the Daal and veggie dishes are amazing to eat.
Address: 1 Rowell Rd, Singapore 207955

05. Bangla Bondhu Restaurant

If you want to taste Bangladeshi food sitting in Singapore, then you can go to Bangla Bondhu Restaurant. The food in this restaurant tastes like homemade food. Customers of all types often praise the taste of the restaurant's food due to the use of high-quality ingredients.

Apart from dine-in, the restaurant also has delivery facilities. You can easily order food from a restaurant sitting at home. The menu includes Singara, Bengali Fish Fry, Fish Fingers, Double Egg Kathi Roll, Chicken Curry, Chicken Kosha, Rohu Kalia Curry, Rohu Fish Jhol, Vetki Mustard Curry, and many more items.
Address: 7 Siglap Rd, #13-71, Singapore 448909

06. Isthana Restaurant

Isthana Restaurant is one of the best Bangladeshi restaurants in Singapore. The quality of food in this restaurant is quite good. They always try to serve well-cooked and hot dishes. Apart from this, the prices are very cheap here. All the employees in this restaurant are very friendly and polite. You can ask for any help from them. This place is highly recommended for the availability of a wide range of traditional Bangladeshi dishes.
Address: 1C Rowell Rd, Singapore 207958

07. Deshi Bhai

Deshi Bhai is another well-known Bangladeshi restaurant in Singapore. The restaurant is very popular for its good quality food. They use fresh and authentic ingredients to prepare the dishes. They offer a good quantity of food. Besides, you will be able to try any dish at a very reasonable cost.

The environment of this restaurant is very cozy. Not only Bangladeshi immigrants but people of other nationalities love to dine in this restaurant due to the quality of their food.
Address: 13 Rowell Rd, Singapore 207975

08. Mohammadi Restaurant

Mohammadi Restaurant is another amazing Bangladeshi restaurant. In this restaurant, you will get traditional Bangladeshi food as well as fusion food i.e. a blend of foreign flavors with local food. The food menu includes tandoori, kebab, naan roti, mutton biryani, moghlai paratha, fish curry, etc. This is a great place in Singapore to get a taste of Bangladeshi food.

Compared to other restaurants in this area, the food prices of this restaurant are quite cheap but of good quality. Also, their staff is very helpful and welcoming. The restaurant is open 24 hours. This restaurant can be a great option for Bangladeshi tourists. Here you can get chicken biryani for only 6 Singapore dollars.
Address: 7 Lembu Rd, Singapore 208445

09. Shahi Briyani House

Shahi Briyani House is an amazing Bangladeshi/Indian eatery in Singapore that is cost-effective. This restaurant serves only Bangladeshi/Indian cuisine. The food quality and flavor are so excellent that you'll think you're eating at home. Plain rice, seafood curry, meat bhuna, poultry, Briyani, and other dishes are available.

This restaurant can be a good option for those seeking deshi food in Singapore. This restaurant is a gastronomic heaven for Bangladeshi immigrants. And it's all thanks to Mr. Akbar Ali, the restaurant's proprietor who works with his employees to serve his customers.
Address: 10 Rowell Rd, Singapore 207968

10. New Rajdhani Restaurant

New Rajdhani Restaurant is another best Bangladeshi restaurants located in Singapore. This is comparatively a little restaurant with a wide variety of Bangladeshi food. This restaurant is very neat and clean. Besides, the employees are very friendly and welcoming. They offer excellent service. Unlike many other restaurants in Singapore, this restaurant offers free drinking water.
Address: 9 Race Course Ln, Singapore 218736

Final Words

These Bangladeshi restaurants serve a great collection of Bangladeshi food. With their cooking practices and use of fresh ingredients, each restaurant offers a distinctive flavor. These restaurants are a clear representation of Bangladesh's varied cuisines and flavors.