Top 10 Most Beautiful Mosques in Bangladesh

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Muslim means Mosque. Where the Muslims, there is a mosque there. There will be Muslims and there will be no mosque that cannot happen. Bangladesh is a Muslim country; you find a lot of Muslims here and also find other religions such as Hindu, Christians, Buddhists, and others in there. But the majority of them are Muslims. So, there are so many mosques in Bangladesh. But most of the mosques are remain a story.

According to the Muslim rulers, there are so many mosques are built in Bangladesh that was beautiful, and marvelous. Among most of them are located in Dhaka city. That's why; Dhaka is called the city of the mosque.

The highly historical architectural mosque is available here. For the Salah time, every Muslim is going to the Mosque for praying. Now, we discuss and highlight with you the "Top 10 Most Beautiful Mosque in Bangladesh" that I highly recommended for all Muslims.

Top 10 Most Beautiful Mosques in Bangladesh

Here's a list of the 10 Most Beautiful Mosques in Bangladesh

01. Sixty-Dome Mosque

Sixty-Dome Mosque also called Shhat Gombuj Masjid was started their building construction in1442. But it was finally completed in 1459. It needs a lot of time for final construction. According to Khan Jahan Ali, it was situated in Bagerhat, Khulna Bangladesh. There are seventy-seven domes in the middle of the mosque. UNESCO declared this mosque as a world heritage site in Bangladesh. As a Bangladeshi person, we should be very proud of it.

02. Baitul Mukarram National Mosque

The national mosque of Bangladesh is Baitul Mukarram National Mosque. For their huge size and ability, it obtains the highest position as the 10th biggest mosque in the worldwide.

It is located on Topkhana Road, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Every Muslim should visit this mosque with their whole family. This mosque sustains Mughal influence architecture.

03. Bagha Mosque

By Sultan Nusrat Shah, Bagha Mosque in Rajshahi was established in 1523 in Bangladesh. During the Hussain Shahi period, it was a historical and architectural monument of Bangladesh. The mosque was looking gorgeous and beautiful for its terracotta art, wall surface, mihrabs, grapes, and floral patterns. For their monument architecture, I take this mosque in the top one on our list in the best beautiful mosque in Bangladesh.

04. Kusumba Mosque

According to the Sultan Period, Kusumba Mosque is the best token of a popular mosque in Bangladesh. It was constructed in 1558 in Rajshahi, Bangladesh by Sultan Ghiyasuddin Bahadur Shah. It looks like a rectangular mosque. There are six stone hemispherical domes in the center of the mosque. Dark black stones are used in this mosque that gives an amazing look in these mosques. It is also designed for massive stone pillars. That’s why I take Kusumba Mosque in the top number four on our list.

05. Chhoto Sona Masjid

Chhoto Sona Masjid also called the Small Golden Mosque that is located in Gaur by the regions of Sultan Hussain Shah.

It was started its construction process in 1493. But that was finally finished in 1519. There are so many domes in the center of the row. This mosque was so beautiful for its attractive decoration.

06. The Khan Muhammad Mirza Mosque

The Khan Muhammad Mirza Mosque is an archeological mosque of Bangladesh. It was situated in the ancient period of 1700 ADby the builder of Khan Muhammad Mirza. That's why it is also called an old mosque in Bangladesh. This mosque covered a high platform around 5.81 meters that gives a beautiful look at this mosque.

07. Binat Bibi Mosque

The beautiful mosque of Dhaka city in Bangladesh is Binat Bibi Mosque. This historical mosque was situated in the ancient period of 1456 by the founder Bakt Binat who was the daughter of Mahamarat. It was also the oldest mosque in Bangladesh.

08. Darasbari Mosque

During the Ilyas Shahi period in1470, Sultan Yusuf Shah has constructed the Darasbari Mosque in Gaur Bangladesh. It was a beautiful architecture of the ancient Period.

The beautiful historical building showing a great story about our Bengal. The main attraction of this mosque was a prayer hall.

09. Star Mosque

The Star Mosque of Bangladesh is also famous for its unique design and also called Tara Masjid in Dhaka city.

It comes with a long history in the ancient 19th century and dedicated their name in case of their blue star mosaics that were already designed in the front of the mosque already gives a unique emergence or outlook of the mosque. The mosque was situated in Dhaka Bangladesh. The mosaic pattern of the mosque gives an amazing looking to other mosques in Bangladesh.

10. Rajbibi Mosque

Rajbibi Mosque also known as Khaniadighi Mosque is also a popular ancient architecture mosque in Bangladesh. It was built in the 15th century around the year. The shape of this mosque also looking square. That's why it is also called a square domed mosque. The design of this mosque wall is also looking terracotta. The prayer chamber of this mosque was also designed with highly black stone. Somebody says that the actual identity of this mosque is not perfectly obvious.

The influencer woman of the 15th century was a woman who was Rajbibi and the mosque was named after her. The design of the mosque comes with interior design. The pillar of the mosque built with black bricks and some script of the Quran is also showing on the mosque's wall. According to the Directory of Archaeology, It was constructing in the ancient period in Gaur Bangladesh.