The 10 Best Restaurants and Places to Eat in Dhaka

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Food is a major part of basic human needs. Everyone loves to eat. And there is no such thing as a food lover.

If you are a food lover and want to eat different items, then Dhaka city is offering you both Bengali and international cuisine restaurants.

All types of delicious food such as Middle Eastern, Italian, Thai, Chinese, Indian and Bengali styles that are made in all the top restaurants in Dhaka city, Bangladesh.

If you want to eat the food with Muslim halal regulations, all are made with all types of restaurants. You can make a plan with your wife to taking delicious food for enjoying your festival days.

The food of Bangladeshi restaurants is well known all over the world. Also, every big city you will find some Bangladeshi restaurant known as an Indian restaurant.

Today, i will discuss with you “The 10 Best Restaurants and Places to Eat in Dhaka” that you must visit for eating and celebrating your memorable day.

10 Best Restaurants and Places to Eat in Dhaka

Here's a list of the 10 Best Restaurants and Places to Eat delicious foods in Dhaka

01. Baton Rouge

Baton Rouge restaurant is situated in Gulshan Avenue, Dhaka Bangladesh. It is a very large restaurant that covering 10500 sq. areas of Gulshan Avenue. They provide multi-specialty food services such as continentals, deserts, and Pan-Asian around the whole of Dhaka city.

The restaurants have a conference hall for corporate seminars and private uses for customers. Besides the food, there are also provide local Bangladeshi food. If you want to get-together with your family and outing formally, it is the best place for you to enjoying.

02. Malancha Restaurant

Malancha Restaurant is the Bengali food serving restaurants in Dhaka city. If you are college students, it is the first choice for you. This restaurant is very popular among college students for their Bhuna khichuri, chicken curry, kebabs, and mutton curry. They are situated on the Elephant Road in Dhaka city and they provide all of their foods at reasonable prices.

03. The Atrium Restaurant

The Atrium Restaurant is located in Bharidhara, Dhaka Bangladesh, and highly weighed with gastronomic applaud. This restaurant also has experienced with oriental and continental features. They provide healthy Chinese and Thai delicious food among the customers with mainstay plates.

The presentation of a food serving is very much charming. This restaurant is very popular among the music lovers of the Dhaka city. The environment of this restaurant is relatable and naturally beautiful.

04. Roll Express

If you are an Indian style food lover, then this restaurant is the best choice for you. Because they always serving Indian Looking food for the customers such as rolling.

The Roll Express is located in the Banani Dhaka city in Bangladesh. There are various Indian food items like Phuchkas, Chaats, snacks, dosa, cheese, Chicken, and Golgappas. You are also looking at burgers and tandoori in Middle Eastern foods in this restaurant. They are providing very friendly services with the customers.

05. Mainland China

The name of the restaurant declared the basic features and food services of this restaurant. If you are a Chinese food lover, this restaurant is the best choice for you because it is very popular in Dhaka city, Bangladesh to call the best Pan-Asian Restaurants and Chinese Restaurants.

06. Spaghetti Jazz

Spaghetti Jazz is located in Gulshan, Dhaka Bangladesh. This restaurant provides Italy slice in the city Dhaka, Bangladesh, and also offering Italian foods such as pasta, and pizza, etc. If you are a pasta lover, then this restaurant is perfect for you.

Besides Italian foods, they also provide Bengali style foods. You must visit this restaurant to taste any Italian foods at a very low price in a Dhaka city with a healthy environment.

07. Spice & Rice

Spice & Rice restaurant is a sister of Radisson Blu Water Garden Hotel that is situated in Dhaka city. You can see so many country's foods like Thai, Chinese, Japanese, and others. This restaurant is obtaining its popularity for serving or offering Japanese foods because it's very healthy. You can also take deserts items on your list.

08. Istanbul Restaurant

For international culture, foods, and knowledge, the city of Dhaka is growing its appreciation day by day. This restaurant offers you for Middle Eastern and Turkey’s Foods such as lentil soups, rolls, and others. Istanbul Restaurant is situated in Gulshan Area in Dhaka city Bangladesh. For making foods, there are available in Turkish Chefs.

09. Bar-B-Q Tonight

If you love to eat meat on a stick, then you should visit Bar-B-Q Tonight restaurant that is located in Dhanmondi, Dhaka Bangladesh. There are so many foods items such as grilled chicken, Kashmiri, Falooda, etc. you can enjoy with your family in this restaurant, and can you take a Bar-B-Q party with your sweet wife and others.

10. Al Razzaque

Al Razzaque represents the local Bengali foods that are situated in the North-South Road, Dhaka Bangladesh. This restaurant is feeling proud of serving all types of Bengali dishes in the area of Dhaka city. They take all types of mutton, fish items on their list. They also are offering Indian style food items such as coffee, tea, and bread.

If you are a woman and want to eat a separate way in a restaurant then this restaurant gives you this opportunity for women. That's why it is very famous for women, businessmen, and luxury food lovers in the local area of Dhaka city.