The 11 Best Things to do in Cox's Bazar including sightseeing, events, attractions, tours, activities and many more.

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Cox’s Bazar is the southern city of Bangladesh. The longest sea beach is located here. Tourists from all over the world come here to experience an amazing holiday trip. You can do a lot of fun here in like sunbathing, parasailing, or go for a long drive on the road by the sea.

“Jobs fill your pocket but adventures fill your soul. ~ Jamie Lyn Beatty”

11 Best Things to do in Cox's Bazar

Here are the 11 things you can do in cox’s Bazar:

01. The Beach

Cox’s Bazar has the longest beach on earth where you can spend your time and have lots of fun. You can rent a seat and see the amazing view of the sea and take a sunbath.

You can go swimming in the sea, or do shopping in the local shops beside the beach.

There are 3 main beaches in the cox’s Bazar town; Kolatoli, Laboni and Sugondha beach.

Most of the hotels are here around the sea beach and you can stay in a sea view hotel room and swim in an infinity pool of the resorts.

02. Saint Martin's Island

You can go to St. Martin's Island from Cox’s Bazar by ships or a waterbus. This an amazing small island to visit. Most of the people tend to visit the island in fall, winter, and spring. The journey to the Saint Martin is a unique experience itself. Hundreds of seagulls will follow you throughout the whole journey. You can feed them chips or cookies.

03. Inani Beach

Inani beach is located in the Ukhia Upazila which is around 25 kilometers away from the town. But there are some beautiful and luxurious resorts available. This beach is very famous for corals. The coral stones are very sharp and the stones have two shades: green, and black.

You can swim in the water or take a seat and enjoy the view and wind of the sea. You can easily reach there by local vehicles or you can rent a car or jeep to go there.

04. Himchori Waterfall

You can go to the Himchori hill and take shower in the waterfall. The waterfall looks very charming in the rainy season; you can also climb the hill to see an outstanding view of the sea. It feels heavenly to see how the sea meets with the hill.

This is not very far from the town. You can visit the place on the way to the Inani beach as well.

05. The Temple of Buddha in Ramu

Ramu is located approximately 10 kilometers away from the town and there is a temple of the Buddha. You will find 30 meters long lying golden Buddha sculpture. There are much archeological evidence of ancient Buddhist civilization. You will fill calm after going there if you are a spiritual person.

06. Marine Drive

It is the road that goes to Teknaf from cox’s Bazar. The roadside view is bound to make your mind joyful. There is a sea on one side and hills on the other side. You can take a deep for a long drive. Recently, roofless bus service is launched for the tourists to give them an amazing marine drive experience.

07. Radiant Fish World

The radiant fish world basically a big aquarium. You can go there and see a large collection of sea fishes and other creatures. You are allowed to take photos here.

08. Mermaid Beach Resort

Mermaid beach resort is situated in between cox’s Bazar main town and Inani beach. It is a luxurious sea faced resort. It has its well-decorated beach and the rooftop view is also awesome.

09. Parasailing

If you love adventure then you are going to love the parasailing in here. Some professional trainers and guides are going to help you to do that. Its been quite popular nowadays.

10. Scuba Diving

If you are a big fan of underwater lives and fishes, there is good news for you. You can go scuba diving in Saint Martin with experts to have an outstanding experience.

11. Sea Food

Cox’s Bazar is well known for seafood. There are varieties of lobsters, squids, crabs, octopus, mussels, and different types of fishes. In local restaurants, you can pick yourself from and they will fry or cook it for you. Or you and find different dishes of fishes in your hotel restaurants.