The 16 Best Things to Do in Sylhet Division of Bangladesh.

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Sylhet is a very peaceful place in Bangladesh with a lot of natural beauties. It is located in the northeastern region of the country and shares a border with the neighboring country India. Sylhet division is full hills, waterfalls, swamp forests, rain forests, the tea.

There are a lot of places to and many things to do in Sylhet. The climate is very good. There is a lot of rain during the rainy season and the waterfalls and lakes look amazing. During winter the gives another beautiful vibe and welcomes everyone.

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16 Best Things to Do in Sylhet Division

Here are the top 16 thighs you can do in Sylhet:

01. Jaflong

It is an amazing place to visit in Sylhet. During the rainy season, you can hire a boat and go there. A huge amount of stone is collected from here. The water is crystal clear. You can swim in the lake.

02. Madhobkundo Waterfall

This waterfall is located near to the Sylhet main city. It used to be one of the largest waterfalls in the country. During the rainy season the amount of water increase drastically.

03. Ratargul Swamp Forest

The best time to visit the swamp forest is the rainy season. You can hire a boat and roam around the forest with your family and friends.

04. Hum Hum Waterfall

It is located in the Moulavibazar. The journey to the waterfall is adventurous and thrilling. You have to trek through the jungle, swim in the water, and cross a few hills to reach there. It takes a lot to reach the waterfall but worth it.

05. Tanguar Haor

It is located in the Sunamganj district. It is an amazing place to visit. You can pack your food, essential stuff then hire a boat for and sail for a few days in the water. The boatmen have all the arrangements for cooking food and bed to sleep. You will be out if the mobile network but connected to nature.

06. Grand Sultan Tea Resort

It is a five-star hotel and resort in Moulovibazar. It is located in a beautiful place and near to the Lowachora forest. There are a swimming pool and a hot tub and many other facilities in the resort.

07. Lawachora Rain Forest

It is located in Sreemangal, Moulovibazar. It is one of the national forests. There are different kinds of trees and animals in the forest. You must take a guide before entering the forest. There is a railway track that goes through the forest and it connects Sreemangal with Sylhet.

08. Baikka Bil

It is a great place to enjoy your evening and have a nice cup of tea with your folks. The view of the lake is beautiful and you can also roam around the lake on the boat.

09. Dreamland Amusement Park

It is a theme park with many rides such as a magic carpet, rollercoaster, etc. The water sports are also quite fun. You can enjoy a joyful time with your kids here.

10. Shah Jalal Majar

Shah Jalal was a Muslim preacher who came here with his 360 followers here in the Sylhet a long time ago. He and his followers’ started spreading Islam in this region. Now his cemetery is called the Majar and it is a holy place for Muslims of the country. A lot of people come here each year to pay a visit to the Majar.

11. Tea Garden

Sylhet is very well known for the massive production of tea and they also export tea abroad. There are more than 150+ tea gardens here. Tea gardens are a very beautiful place to visit. you can take some awesome photographs here.

12. Tribes

There are few tribes in the hilly areas of Sylhet. You can go to their places and join them to know more about their unique culture and festivals.

13. Lala Khal

There is a lot of place in the Sylhet where you can roam around with a boat and swim. Lala Khal is one of them. The views of this place are breathtaking.

14. Mountains

There are some small mountains in Sylhet. You can trek and climb to the top of the mountains. Most of the large mountains are in India but you can see the amazing views of those mountains.

15. Waterfalls and Trails

There is a lot of small waterfalls and trails in Sylhet. Most of them are beautiful and easy to trek. If you love hiking and trekking, there are a lot of trails and hills in this division.

16. Bichanakandi

Bichanakandi is located in the Sylhet district. It is a similar place like Jaflong. But the water is cleaner here.