The 20 Best Tourist Attractions You Must See in Dhaka Division

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Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh which is located in the central portion. It is a city of versatility and a lot of art & structure. There are a lot of places to go and things to do inside and near Dhaka.

Dhaka is famous for so many things. It is called the city of the mosque or the city of rickshaw (a local transport).

“Travel expands the mind and fills the gap.” ~ Sheda Savage

20 Best Places to Visit in Dhaka Division

Here are the 20 best places to visit in Dhaka:

01. Lalbagh Fort (Also Fort Aurangabad)

It is located in the southern portion of the city which is called Dhaka south city. It is a well-preserved archeological structure that was built in the seventh century. A lot of people visit the place and enjoy the traditional food from Puran Dhaka nearby.

02. Ahsan Manzil

Ahsan manzil is also a historical structure that exhibits the engineering subtlety of hundred years earlier.

It is located in their southern part of the city beside the Buriganag River.

03. Sonargaon

Sonargapn has quite a lot of historical evidence. The ancient Panam city was very famous and it is located in narayongong which is not very far from Dhaka city.

04. Bangabandhu Safari Park

This safari park is located in a neighboring district north to Dhaka. There are a lot of animals and birds in the park. You can get on their special bus and roam around the park.

05. Curzon Hall

It is a very famous building in Dhaka city which was built during the British colonization. Now it is inherited by the University of Dhaka. It is also a very good spot to enjoy the evening with friends.

06. Bangladesh National Museum

Here you will find a lot of evidence of ancient civilization and early technological & archaeological structure remanence. There is a lot of significant things and evidence of the liberation war of the county.

07. Dhakeshwari Temple

It is a central temple of the people of the Hindu religion. During the festival of Durga pooja, a lot of people from home and abroad come here to visit the temple.

08. The National Parliament

The parliament of the country is a beautiful building surrounded by a lake. The view from the outside is amazing. Previously it was open for everyone now you can see the well-engineered building from the outside only.

09. Novo Theater

It is a place of fun activity. The building looks amazing from the outside and inside you can experience a 5D show.

10. Fantasy Kingdom

It is a theme park with a lot of amazing rides. There is a lot of water activities inside the water kingdom zone in the park.

11. Dhaka Zoo

Dhaka zoo is located in the northern town of Mirpur. There is a plethora of wild animals and unique birds there.

12. Shapla Bill

Recently it has been quite popular. It is a simple lake. But during the rainy season, a lot of water Lilly bloom here and make an amazing view. You can hire a bot to roam around the lake.

13. Shalbon (National Park)

The Dhaka-Mymensingh highway is an amazing road to go for a long drive or road trip.

In Gazipur you will find the Shalbon which is a beautiful jungle. The roadside views are just awesome.

14. Moinot Mini Beach

Basically, it is a bank of the river Padma. But the views are breathtaking and the waves come to the river give a vibe of the sea. There are seating arrangements with an umbrella.

15. Baitul Mukarram Mosque

It is the national mosque of the country. The mosque is huge and the looks amazing from the outside. A lot of people come here each week for Jumma prayer.

16. Independent Monument

It is a long glass tower located in Shworardi Uddan. It was built in the respect of the heroes of the liberation war.

17. Bashundhara City

It is a shopping mall with many facilities. There is a movie theater, food court, gaming zone, and other fun activities. Many people come here for shopping and others come here to visit.

18. National Martyrs' Memorial (Jatiya Smriti Saudha)

It is a large symbolic monument located in Savar. It was built as the memory of the liberation war in 1971. A lot of people visit the place every day.

19. Mausoleum of Three Leaders

It is located in Shourawardi Udyan. It is the cemetery of the 3 post fundamental leaders of the country.

20. Chuti Resort

It is a beautiful resort in Gazipur. You can go there to enjoy your family time.

The environment is very good and you will be able to connect to nature. They have BBQ facilities.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

+Where should I go in Dhaka Division?

You can go to Lalbagh Fort, Sonargaon, Bangabandhu Safari Park, Ahsan Manzil, Bangladesh National Museum, Jatiya Smriti Saudha, Novo Theater, Fantasy Kingdom, Shapla Bill, Moinot Mini Beach, etc.

+What should I do if I have seen everything in Dhaka Division?

You should visit most attractive tourist places in Cox's Bazar, Chittagong, Sylhet etc. Or shop at the Jamuna Future Park, Bashundhara City and any other local market.

+What should you not miss in Dhaka Division?

You should visit Bangabandhu Safari Park at Gazipur.

+What is worth visiting in Dhaka City?

A trip to Dhaka City isn't complete without a visit to the Lalbagh Fort.

+What are the best outdoor activities in Dhaka City?

According to traveller and tourist guide, the best outdoor activities are 300 Feet Road, Dhaka Zoo, National Botanical Garden, Curzon Hall, Ramna Park, Baldha Gardens, Gulshan Lake, etc.

+Is there have any lakes to outing in Dhaka city?

Yeah, there are several lakes within Dhaka city, including Dhanmondi lake, Gulshan lake, Banani lake, Baridhara DOHS, Ramna, Uttar, Hatirjheel, Shahjadpur and 300 Foot Road Prionti Lake.