How to Travel from Dhaka to Cox's Bazar?

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Cox’s Bazar is an amazing destination for tourists where the sea meets the hill. It is the most visited place and number one holiday destination in Bangladesh for both local and foreign tourists.

It is the southwest city of the country that is located on the coast of the Bay of Bengal. It is almost 400 kilometers away from the capital city Dhaka.

You can go to cox’s Bazar from Dhaka by road or on air. The journey is enjoyable in both ways. Your journey will be short if you go and air but if you go by road you can witness the amazing countryside views.

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How to Travel from Dhaka to Cox's Bazar?

Here are the ways of traveling Dhaka to cox’s Bazar:

01. Airways and Helicopters

There are at least 6-8 flights daily that move to and fro from Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar daily. It takes around one hour to fly from Dhaka to cox’s Bazar. Biman Bangladesh, Us-Bangla, Regent, NovoAir are the companies that provide services. NovoAir and Us-Bangla have daily flights others have specific days for flights that can easily be booked online. If you are in hurry or do not want to waste time on the journey, you should fly cox’s Bazar by Airplanes.

Few rental helicopter services can take you to the destination if you want a luxurious ride. You can experience the beautiful views and many rivers underneath during the journey. It is quite expensive though and not very accessible.

02. Bus Service

Bus services to the cox’s Bazar are quite cheap and the most common and convenient way to go there. There are hundreds of buses goes there from Dhaka daily. It takes 8-9 hours to reach your destination depending on the traffic on the road.

There are different types of bus services. There are some business class buses and sleeping coaches. Most of the buses have an air conditioner. But if you want the cheapest service there are many non-air-conditioned bus services as well.

Usually, there are 2 intervals during the bus journey. The intervals are given in every 2-3 hours for relaxation. There are restaurants where you can have delicious food and take some snacks with you to eat while traveling. Some luxury buses give you complimentary meals as well.

Greenline, Desh travels, Shohagh, Shyamoli Paribahan, Hanif Enterprise are very well reputed in bus services.

03. Trains

There are no direct train services to cox’s Bazar from Dhaka. You must take transit. You can go to Chittagong via train, then you have to rent a car or you can go by bus. There are more than five trains you can take to go to Chittagong. Some are local some are express. In express trains, you can take a deluxe and have a lavish journey. There are restaurants in trains that serve meals and snacks. Chittagong express, Turna, Nishita are the names of some top-notch train service.

If you want a comfortable journey, you should avoid local trains as they stop in many stoppages and most of them are not air-conditioned.

04. Rental Cars and Ride Sharing

If you are looking for a relaxing journey where you can stop whenever you want for sightseeing, have a cup of coffee in a coffee shop then you can hire a car or microbus. It is a better choice if you are traveling with your family.

There are rental services with drivers who can make sure you reach safely. Or you can rent a car and drive it by yourself. They charge extra for the service with the driver but you can enjoy the journey with your travel partners and have the full freedom of enjoying the journey.

You can also take Uber as a rental car. But in that case, you have to pay hourly for the journey as regular Uber service is not available outside Dhaka. So this might cost you a bit more but worth it.

As you can see, if Cox’s Bazar is your destination from Dhaka then there are plenty of options for you to experience the journey. You can take your preferable service online easily.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

+How do you buy Bus ticket from Dhaka to Cox's Bazar?

You can buy Dhaka to Cox's Bazar Bus ticket by visit your favourite bus service online website, apps and your nearest ticket counter anywhere in Dhaka.

+How do you buy Air ticket from Dhaka to Cox's Bazar?

You can buy air ticket via online form most of the aeroplane services provider. If you don't like to buy online, visit your nearest air agency in Dhaka to buy your air ticket.

+How do you find ride sharing service from Dhaka to Cox's Bazar?

Most popular ride sharing apps are available in Bangladesh. You can use Uber, Shohoz, Pathao and many more trusted apps and service.

+Is there a direct train from Dhaka to Cox's Bazar?

There are no direct train services to cox’s Bazar from Dhaka. You must take transit. You can go to Chittagong via train, then you have to rent a car or you can go by bus.

+Is Cox's Bazar a safe city?

Yes, Cox's Bazar is a safe city to travel. Overall risk is Low.