Things to know about Bermuda

Bermuda FlagThe Bermudas is a 53.3 km² archipelago, situated in the Ocean Ocean, 1,437 km easterly of Metropolis in Southland Carolina. It is a wanting sway in the focal Northern Ocean. The archipelago comprises of around 360 islands (and islands), of which upright cardinal are inhabited.

The heptad generality islands, titled "Fantabulous Terre", are Blue Ireland, Confederate Eire, Boaz Island, County Island, Principal Island or Bermuda Island, St. Painter Island and St. Martyr Island; All of these islands are related by spans, the Greater Island is 34 km sesquipedalian long and three km wide.

Bermuda is sometimes called (the small Switzerland of the Atlantic) due to a large number of banks and financial institutions and the standard of living for some of the highest populations in the world. Bermuda became famous because of the legend known as the "Bermuda Triangle". According to this belief, hundreds of ships and planes, if not thousands, would have disappeared in an area of the Atlantic Ocean besieged between Bermuda, Puerto Rico, and the Florida coast, forming a kind of triangle.

The population of Bermuda in 2004 was estimated at 82,500. About 73% of the population are of Bermudian descent, and the rest are mostly British, American, Canadian, Australian, New Zealand, Pakistani and Brazilian.


Bermuda has one of the highest per capita incomes in the world, as the economy relies mainly on financial services associated with international business and luxury facilities for tourists. A number of new reinsurance companies have settled on the island, which has expanded the already strong international business sector.

The industrial sector in Bermuda is limited, although the construction sector retains some importance. Agriculture is limited, only 6% of the land is arable.


As for schools, English is the sole language of instruction. Besides, the system is modeled on the British system, including the manuals. The second languages learned are generally Portuguese, Spanish, or French.

English is the only language admitted to the Assembly, in the Administration, the courts and education. In reality, even if the colony is governed by English laws, the inhabitants continue to speak their local English, whether in the courts or the administration, who accommodate the language spoken by the islanders. In courts or legal proceedings.

Bermuda News Media

All print media in Bermuda in English: Bermuda Sun, The Royal Gazette, Med Ocean News, and Bermudian. Electronic media also uses the English language, either on the radio (Radio Bermuda Port) or on television (national television networks and CATV).

It could not be otherwise because the archipelago is very isolated from the mainland, however, the stations can only come from the United States or Canada.