11 Best Bitcoin Wallets to store, send, receive and keep your Cryptocurrency safe

By Andy Mario | Updated On

The cryptocurrency is a new form of money exchanging, and bitcoin is at the top of the game. There are many other cryptocurrencies, but bitcoins are the most popular of all. And to keep your bitcoins safe, you need to use a wallet. These wallets keep your currencies safe and also make it easily accessible.

“Carry your most important goal in your wallet - Jack Canfield”

Here are some top-class bitcoin wallets::

11 Best Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency Wallets


Coinbase is a mobile-based wallet that is easy to install and use. The Coinbase app is usually decentralized in the crypto change, and the pocketbook is presented on your smartphones on the market. The iPhone app has a safeguarded enclave and employs biometric authentication technology to take care of keys harmless.

Easy to install and use
It is more secured
It runs smoothly only on the latest Operating systems.
It is always connected to the online while stays in the background.

02.Unicoin Wallet

It is also an app-based bitcoin wallet that runs both on android and iOS.

The app is free
There is a bitcoin buying option embedded.
It can manage only bitcoins and ether.

03.Ledger Nano X

Ledger nano X gives to use in both computers and smartphones. The hardware is also very tiny, and the weight is negligible.

Security is strong
It can manage bitcoins and more than 20 other cryptocurrencies.
Very lite weight
An external power supply is needed
It is quite expensive

04.Exodus BTC Wallet

The exodus Bitcoin wallet is easy to download and use. It is not a physical wallet, rather than it is a computer-based wallet. It can manage most of the coins.

Security is strong
You can verify your address with the QR code.
It works on most of the computer operating systems.
It requires the updated versions of your desktops/laptops.

05.Trust Wallet

Trust Bitcoin wallet is a mobile-friendly app that can protect your cryptocurrencies securely.

You can download it free from the app store or play store.
It runs on most of the versions of smartphone operating systems.
QR code verification is available
There is a chance of mobile hacking.

06.Gurda Wallet

Gurda bitcoin wallet is usable in both smartphones and computers. It gives you access to manage more than hundreds of coins.

It is accessible through mobile phones and computers.
It can be used as a browser Extention on desktops.
Currency exchanging option is available
The security system is not that stronger.

07.Wazir X Multi-Cryptocurrency

It is a wallet that is more suitable for India. You can access more than 60 types of coins with a wazir account.

It can be accessed with mobile devices
You can directly buy and sell your coins here
It can manage more than 60 coins
There is a limitation on withdrawal.

08.Buy-U Coin Multi-Cryptocurrency

It is a much-secured bitcoin wallet. There always a double verification for every login.

Security is strong
You can directly buy and sell your coins here
It can manage more than 30 coins
You have to pay a charge for each withdrawal.

09.ZebPay Wallet

It is a popular bitcoin wallet that supports different currencies.

Security is strong
You can use different currencies for trading.
It can manage fewer coins.

10.Cool Wallet S

The Cool wallet s is a hardware-based bitcoin wallet that can be used in smartphones. It is a very lite weight device and easily accessible.

Security is strong
It can be used in most of the smartphones
Very lite weight
It can manage fewer coins.
It is quite expensive.

11.Trezor Model T

Trezor Model T is a hardware-based wallet, which is very lite weight.

Full touch screen
It is well secured
Very lite weight
Does not supports all types of coins
It is also quite expensive.