Things to know about El Salvador

El Salvador FlagThe Republic of El Salvador is a small and beautiful country in Central America. This mountainous country is also known as the Land of Volcanoes, it has frequent earthquakes and volcanic activity. The nation has a coastline of 307 kilometres (191 miles) along the Gulf of Fonseca and the Pacific Ocean.


The Spanish language, still known as "Castilian" in Central American nation, is that the language of the state that has to guarantee its preservation and education. The Spanish general assembly uses solely the official language, as do all government agencies in the Central American nation, together with the courts.


El Salvador includes a broken economy that suffers from a weak collecting system, industrial plant closures, the results of a cyclone, and devastating earthquakes, additionally as low costs. International occasional. On the opposite hand, the extent of inflation has faded in recent years to but 100% and exports have augmented considerably. The deficit is offset by remittances from Salvadorans abroad and by economic aid. Since the US greenback became a legal bid at a similar time because of the colon.


In schools, Spanish is tutored solely as a "mother tongue", whereas English remains virtually the sole second language tutored to highschool students. Even the common law of education solely symbolically mentions the difficulty of language with the term development of language.

Of rural primary faculties lacking material and academic resources. The prevailing teaching strategies remained terribly conservative. it's supported dictation, repetition, reading aloud, in the choir, and acquisition, while not resuming personal reasoning and exploitation logical mechanisms that permit the independence of thought.

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Media life takes place in Spanish and partially in English, however solely Spanish seems in official documents. The media square measure-tired Spanish, aside from the few foreign newspapers that square measure obtainable in English or Portuguese. In reality, from a legal purpose of reading, it is often aforementioned that El Salvador's solely policy is that the preservation of the official language, once it's hardly at risk.