Taste the Tradition: Top-Rated Indian Grocery Stores in the USA (In-Store / Online)

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There are thousands of Indian grocery stores in the USA. These stores are familiar with their ethnic grocery products. Among all those stores, some are widely known and admired for their unique collection of Indian ingredients and excellent service. Here we have given objective reviews of some best Indian grocery shops in the USA.

India is a multicultural nation. They have unique food habits and customs. India is famous for using rich amounts of ingredients in their cooking. It is difficult to find Indian cooking ingredients in local supermarkets in the USA. So, you need to go to an Indian store or supermarket to collect those ingredients. Many Indian immigrants have grocery stores in this foreign land to meet up the necessities of their community.

These Indian grocery stores have a collection of a large number of Indian grocery items as well as Pooja items and aesthetics. These stores provide Indian potteries that are mixed up with Indian traditions for thousands of years. So, stay tuned with us to be introduced to some major Indian grocery shops in the USA.

10 Best Indian Grocery Stores in the USA (In-Store and Online)

Here is a list of the 10 best Indian grocery stores in the USA:

01. Apna Bazaar

Apna Bazaar is a notable Indian grocery store with a diverse selection of groceries, fresh fruits and vegetables, and household items. Plus, their in-house restaurant provides delectable sweets and snacks such as Samosa, Kachori, and South Indian specialties.

It's handy to shop and dine in the same place. The store's commitment to offering space for Senior Citizen get-togethers on their weekly off reflects their community-oriented mindset. This grocery store is a gem for all Indians!
Address: 1815 NW 169th Pl #6022, Beaverton, OR 97006, United States

02. Swagat Indian Grocery Store

Swagat Indian Grocery Store is a great store for Indian groceries, offering a wide variety of essentials at reasonable prices. The owner's kind and helpful demeanor contribute to the purchasing experience. The store offers a wide selection of fresh vegetables.

Milan, the proprietor, stands out for his commitment to customer service. Despite slightly packed shelves, the store's extensive assortment, ample parking space, and friendly personnel make it a must-visit for all Indian grocery needs.
Address: 1500 N Elmhurst Rd, Mt Prospect, IL 60056, United States

03. Little Market Indian Grocery

Little Market Indian Grocery is a pleasant and well-organized family grocery shop that offers a wonderful variety of ethnic items. The owner's friendly and nice manner fosters an inviting environment. The store sells a wide range of spices at reasonable prices, including lemon grass, curry leaves, and tamarind.

It's the ideal one-stop store for all of your culinary requirements, particularly for delicacies like goat, chicken, and lamb. The proprietor is humble and helpful, and the friendly staff ensures a good shopping experience. Don't pass up the chance to visit this amazing store.
Address: Across THI SPICES Next to MARTIAL ARTS, 1425 E Commercial Blvd, Oakland Park, FL 33334, United States

04. India Store

This welcoming and well-stocked store is a hidden gem, stocking everything from groceries to aesthetics. The store's neatness and cleanliness are impressive, and the fruit and vegetable collection is better in quality and variety compared to that of chain grocery shops.

The friendly personnel makes shopping here a pleasure, and they are always ready to help. Though it is a tiny shop, it has a wonderful collection of grocery items.
Address: 5751 Evers Rd, San Antonio, TX 78238, United States

05. Bombay Bazar

Bombay Bazar is a well-organized Indian grocery that offers a diverse selection of spices and rice options. The owner's pleasant attitude, along with the gesture of providing free candy to children, makes a warm and welcoming environment.

The store is hygienic and offers an extensive selection of Indian food, sweets, groceries, veggies, and spices at reasonable prices. It has been a popular destination for many since its inception in the early 1990s, thanks to its friendly personnel.
Address: 3140 S Parker Rd #4, Aurora, CO 80014, United States

06. Jai Ho Indian Grocery Store

This grocery store is a genuine gem that provides an excellent selection at affordable prices. They carry everything from fresh veggies to frozen delicacies, ready-to-eat curries, chutneys, and kacha mango (kerri). Ice cream and other delectable treats are available at the store.

Fresh curry leaves are readily available for Indian cuisine enthusiasts. The abundant rice selection is excellent, and they also provide high-quality organic items. This store is a foodie's paradise, with an enormous selection of spices and pickles.
Address: 1462 Fillmore St, San Francisco, CA 94115, United States

07. India Market

This grocery store is an excellent destination for Indian grocery items. The well-organized aisles and friendly employees make shopping a pleasurable experience. While there is no fresh meat, there is a wide variety of fish and halal freezer foods.

They also offer a separate room for utensils and culinary necessities. The store's cleanliness and selection of Asian items contribute to its appeal.
Address: 1435 E Tropicana Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89119, United States

08. Vedic Pro

Vedic Pro is a well-known online Indian grocery store known for its low costs. They sell a wide range of culinary, health, beauty, and lifestyle goods, as well as Indian-sourced delicacies and everyday groceries.

Customers like how Vedic Pro matches pricing from other online Indian food stores, making it a low-cost alternative. Vedic Pro responds to Indian immigrants' cravings by selling popular Indian-brand items. Notably, they emphasize organic products.

09. Patel Brothers

Patel Brothers is an outstanding grocery chain that is quickly expanding. Their vast product line includes spiritual herbs and spices, homemade spice blends, aesthetic goods, and more. A significant chunk of their product is imported directly from India, offering customers authentic items that are difficult to find elsewhere.

Patel Brothers maintains an online presence in addition to their physical stores, selling non-perishable items to customers around the United States.

10. Grocery Babu

Grocery Babu is a major online grocery store that specializes in dry, refrigerated, and frozen Indian items. They provide a wide variety of Indian-brand snacks and sweets.

They offer the most affordable delivery to the majority of US locations. Frozen products are handled with care and transported in a Special Insulated Box.

Final Words

Though there are a large number of Indian grocery stores available in the USA, the above-mentioned stores are true gems. You can visit these shops for your daily necessities.

Besides, these stores can make a scope to get together with other members of the Indian community. Most of these stores have in-store as well as online presence. So, you can order your daily needs online to save time.