The 10 Best Indian Lawyers in Toronto for Legal Services

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When you need legal representation in court, it is essential to contact a law firm or lawyers. Lawyers specialize in a variety of areas of law. They provide a large number of legal services regarding immigration, family, real estate, employment & labor, consumer rights, civil & human rights, criminal defense, elder law, insurance, media, technology & telecoms, lawsuits & disputes, and many more.

In several situations, you need help from lawyers. They can represent you in court to defend your rights. If you are looking for Indian lawyers in Toronto , you have come to the right place. In this article, we are going to make a list of some best-regarded Indian lawyers in Toronto. They have popularity in the city due to their responsive manner and cost-effective legal services. Besides, they can represent you successfully in court.

10 Best Indian Lawyers in Toronto for Legal Services

Here is a list of the 10 best Indian lawyers in Toronto :

01. Nanda & Associate Lawyers

Nanda & Associate Lawyers is a reliable Indian law firm in Toronto. An Indian lawyer named Jagmohan Singh Nanda is the founder of this law office. Nanda and his team deal with several areas of law including immigration, real estate, family law, business law, and more.

Their expertise in immigration law has helped many individuals and families navigate the complex Canadian immigration system with a successful track record. The team strives to offer efficient, professional, and cost-effective legal solutions across the GTA. They prioritize their clients’ needs and objectives.
Phone: +1 905 405 0199
Address: 393 University Ave #2000, Toronto, ON M5G 1E6, Canada

02. De Rose Lawyers

De Rose Lawyers is a leading Indian law firm in Toronto. The firm has also a branch in India. There are some talented lawyers in this law firm. Advocate Harmindar Syal is working as the risk manager of the firm. He represents overseas Indians in the court to tackle various legal problems.

Advocate Dimple Aggarwal is another member of De Rose. She has been working as a foreign legal consultant. She has expertise in criminal law, civil law, wills and probates, family and adoption law, and ancestry matters. This law firm has other prominent lawyers including Padina Abdullahi, Rajmonda Ibraj, etc. The team handles almost all the areas of law together.
Phone: +1 416 780 8080
Address: 1280 Finch Ave, West, Suite 508, Toronto, ON M3J 3K6, Canada

03. Sahib Law Office

Sahib Law Office is one of the best-regarded Indian law firms in Toronto. The law firm has some knowledgeable professionals. Mr. Jagdev Singh is one of them. They have a strong track record in successfully helping clients navigate the Canadian immigration system and provide tailored solutions for visas, permits, residency, and citizenship.

Their skilled criminal defense lawyers protect the rights of clients facing various charges, while their compassionate team advocates for fair compensation in personal injury cases. The firm also offers comprehensive family law services and guidance in real estate matters.
Phone: +1 416 745 6007
Address: 101 Westmore Dr. Unit 105, Toronto, ON M9V 3Y6, Canada

04. Shirish Pundit Chotalia K.C.

Shirish Chotalia is a highly respected personal injury lawyer based in Edmonton, Canada. In addition, they maintain a law office in Toronto. His practice is dedicated to assisting individuals impacted by accidents and injuries.

She provides an extensive number of legal services including family-based immigration assistants, employment law, judicial reviews, appeal hearings, work visa legal assistants, employment-based immigration legal assistants, immigration challenges, and so on. Ms. Shirish is very responsive. She takes special care of her clients. Besides, she always tries to provide legal solutions quickly and efficiently.
Phone: +1 780 421 0861
Address: Harbour Front, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 3W5

05. Law Offices of Nizam Hashmi

The Law Offices of Nizam Hashmi is a prominent law firm located in Canada. The firm is dedicated to providing exceptional legal services to clients across a wide range of practice areas. This law firm is led by its esteemed founder, renowned Indian lawyer Nizam Hashmi. He and his team focus on providing cost-effective legal service and representation in the court.

They offer comprehensive legal services in areas such as immigration law, corporate and commercial law, real estate law, family law, and civil litigation. The firm is known for its professionalism, integrity, and commitment to client satisfaction. The firm's expertise, attention to detail, and compassionate approach have earned them a solid reputation in Canada.
Phone: +1 905 503 1486
Address: 100 King St W Suite #5700, Toronto, ON M5X 1C7, Canada

06. Law Office of Charu Sharma

The Law Office of Charu Sharma is a well-known law firm in Mississauga. The firm has been serving the communities of Mississauga, Toronto, Vaughan, Milton, Oakville, and Brampton. Charu Sharma offers legal solutions within the client’s budget.

She and her team maintain integrity and professionalism. Besides, they respect their clients. The lawyers in this firm are dedicated to understanding the needs of their clients which result in the best possible outcome.
Phone: +1 905 565 9560
Address: 7075 Edwards Boulevard, Suite #1B, Mississauga, ON L5S 1Z2, Canada

07. Sultan Lawyers

Sultan Lawyers is a top-tier Indian law firm in Toronto. Mr. Sharif Sultan and his team offer workplace investigations, workplace immigration, and employment services. Every day they represent a large number of employers in the court.

The members of this law firm are highly knowledgeable. They provide practical and strategic advice. They have great expertise in workplace immigration matters.
Phone: +1 416 214 5111
Address: 212 Adelaide St W Suite 300, Toronto, ON M5H 1W7, Canada

08. Gurbir Singh Law Firm

Gurbir Singh Law Firm is one of the most popular Indian law firms in the Toronto area. The firm is led by Punjabi criminal lawyer Gurbir Singh. He deals with a wide range of legal matters. His practice areas are criminal law, criminal proceedings, child custody law, bail hearings, youth criminal justice, and general criminal defense litigation.

He has provided assistance to numerous clients facing criminal charges over the years. He can protect and shield your rights by representing you in the courtroom.
Phone: +1 905 902 1529
Address: Suite 215, 2 Country Court Blvd, L6W 3X7, Brampton, ON, Canada

09. Neuberger & Partners LLP

Neuberger & Partners LLP is another noteworthy law firm in Toronto. Yuvika Johri is a prominent Indian lawyer working in this law firm. She deals with criminal defense law and family law. From the very beginning of her career, she had a deep interest in criminal defense law.

She is a defender of humanity. MS. Johri defends and protects the rights of falsely accused people. She is a member of the Toronto Criminal Lawyers’ Association. She offers legal services in English, Hindi, and Punjabi.
Phone: +1 416 364 3271
Address: 1392 Eglinton Ave, West, Toronto, ON M6C 2E4, Canada

10. Jain Immigration Law

Jain Immigration Law is a specialized immigration law firm in Canada led by an Indian lawyer named Ravi Jain. The firm provides personalized and comprehensive immigration services to individuals and families. They have a deep understanding of Canadian immigration law and work closely with clients to ensure a smooth and successful immigration process.

The firm is known for its professionalism, integrity, and commitment to client satisfaction. Mr. Jain has great expertise in citizenship and immigration law. He is considered one of the best immigration lawyers in Canada in terms of peer recognition for excellence, leadership in the bar, and client satisfaction. Recently, the Indian high commissioner has given honorary to 50 excellent Canadians of Indian origin. Mr. Jain received this accolade.
Phone: +1 416 840 4170
Address: Suite 6060-3080 Yonge Street, Toronto, ON M4N 3N1, Canada

Final Words

These are some top-tier Indian lawyers and law firms in Toronto. They are well-known for their quality services and responsive manner. Besides, the above-mentioned lawyers have satisfactory credentials. They can deal with any complex legal issues.

Moreover, they have a great skill of building long-lasting relationships with their clients. It is necessary to choose a good law firm to win a case and come to a resolution. So, wait no further to contact any of the mentioned lawyers if you need any legal help in Toronto.