The 10 Best Indian Travel Agents in Toronto for an Unforgettable Trip

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A travel agency can be a perfect gateway to your world tour. Travel agents provide a variety of services including air ticketing, travel scheduling, planning travel itineraries, advising clients, handling any travel issues, hotel reservations, resort recommendations, and many more. A good travel agent has problem-solving skills. Besides, he/she pays attention to detail.

Are you looking for customer-focused Indian travel agents in Toronto? No worries! We are going to introduce you to some top Indian travel agencies in Toronto. The agencies have knowledgeable and customer-focused travel agents. They have vast experience in building good relationships with their customers. Besides, they offer cheap packages for flights to attractive destinations in India and around the world.

10 Best Indian Travel Agents in Toronto

Here is a list of the 10 best Indian travel agents in Toronto for an unforgettable trip:

01. Khalsa Travel and Tours Inc

Khalsa Travel and Tours Inc is a leading Indian travel agent in Toronto. It has been providing honest services since 1979. They have experienced counselors who can provide all the necessary information regarding travel and tours. They can make your travel worry-free. Their knowledgeable professionals can help you get convenient schedules to the lowest fares.

This travel agency can be a great companion for your India tours. They customize many types of tours. A few of them are special interest tours, cultural tours, Hindu temple tours, adventure tours, heritage tours, Kerala tours, desert tours, wildlife tours, etc.
Phone: +1 416 748 8800

02. Nanak Flights

Nanak Flights is a reputable travel agency based in Brampton, Ontario. Additionally, they provide services to customers from other provinces and cities in Canada. Their dedication to customer satisfaction has earned them a strong reputation in the Canadian travel industry.

This IATA-approved agency sells flight tickets to India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Iran, Egypt, and Middle Eastern countries. They offer cheap flights to worldwide destinations. This agency has a large number of talented and knowledgeable travel agents like Shiva, Maiyan, Dharittri, Naresh, and Satish. The agency embraces technology with a user-friendly website and online booking platform.
Phone: +1 855 722 9977

03. Ashok Travels

Ashok Travels is one of the best-regarded Indian travel agents in Toronto. They have specialties in travel insurance, escorted group tours, honeymoon packages, pilgrimage tours, cruises, and luxury train tours. They have been meeting the travel needs of the Indian community for almost 50 years.

You can get airline information and convenient schedules of flights from their website. They provide the most affordable deals for you. The travel agency will give you a pleasant travel experience. The agency has become popular among the whole South Asian community living in Ontario.
Phone: +1 416 977 9896

04. Gill International Travel

Gill Travel is another popular travel agency in Toronto. They specialize in providing travel services for the Indian community in Canada. Their policy is transparent. The agency does not charge any hidden charges. The fare you see on their website includes everything. Besides, the agency gives the best price guarantee.

They have robust connections with a large number of domestic and international airlines. This is why they can offer the most affordable flight deals to you. Moreover, the agency has a large number of talented travel agents who provide 24/7 customer service.
Phone: +1 905 790 9500

05. Onkar Travels

Onkar Travels is a premier Indian travel agency in Toronto. The experienced team of travel agents are ready to curate unforgettable travel experience for you. This agency can be the ideal gateway to your global exploration. They are dedicated to providing excellent services.

Onkar Travels is a trusted partner for both regular and irregular travelers. They have the best flight deals and discounts, especially when you travel to India. This agency is a well-known retailer and wholesaler of flight tickets to many attractive international destinations.
Phone: +1 905 897 0700

06. Skylight Travel & Tours

Skylight Travel & Tours Inc. is a promising Indian travel agency in Toronto. Their travel agents are passionate about curating a memorable travel experience. The agency has a variety of packages for your travel to different destinations. They have 12 packages for travel to India.

The agency has been providing both personal and corporate travel services for more than 15 years. Suresh, Sheela, Mina, Puja, and Ashli will never let you down. They will try their best to give you the best possible service.
Phone: +1 416 751 8000

07. SkyRoute Travel Services

SkyRoute Travel Services Inc is a leading Indian travel agency in Toronto. They understand the unique needs and preferences of their Indian customers and strive to provide customized travel solutions accordingly. The travel agency offers 34 tours in India, 3 in Nepal, 3 in Sri Lanka, 2 in Andaman, 2 in Thailand, 3 in Dubai, 4 in Europe, and 2 in Maldives.

SkyRoute has attractive packages for travel to popular domestic and international destinations. The agency has direct connections to many airlines, hotel suppliers, and wholesalers in Canada. It has the right balance of quality and cost.
Phone: +1 416 439 4000

08. Hype Travel

Despite being a new travel agency, Hype Travel has become a popular name among the South Asian people in Ontario. The travel agency started its journey in 2012. They have a knowledgeable and award-winning team of talented travel agents. They provide popular vacation packages to some of the most desired destinations around the world.

They ensure travel reservations and luxury resorts at reasonable prices. They specialize in honeymoon tours, vacation packages, group vacation packages, guided tours, cruises, and accommodations. They have in-depth knowledge of destinations, resorts, and vendors.

09. Grand Travel Planners

Grand Travel Planners is a trusted Indian travel agency in Toronto. Their travel agents offer air ticketing and delivery of all foreign exchange services. They provide many services related to tours and travel such as visa services, hotel reservations, city guides, car rental deals, and foreign exchanges.

Grand Travel has various types of tour packages including honeymoon, family, wildlife, pilgrim, cruise package, golf tourism, and adventure packages. The agents of this travel agency have a reputation for professional services, travel planning, and organization.
Phone: +1 416-775-1901

10. A-1 Travel And Tours

A1 Travel & Tours Toronto is a reputable Indian travel agency in Scarborough, Ontario. They specialize in providing exceptional travel experiences and personalized itineraries tailored to their clients preferences. They have a big loyal customer base due to their unbeatable customer service. They handle everything with care and attention.

The agency provieds the perfect India trip with the best vacation packages, alluring flight deals, and guided tours. The agency has become a trusted and reliable travel agency within the Indian community in Toronto, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable travel experience.
Phone: +1 416-289-6114

Final Words

We have chosen these travel agencies for their focus on quality and customer-focused services. They are passionate about providing the best possible services for their customers. The dedicated agents of the above-mentioned agencies are concerned with keeping their clients happy and safe.

Moreover, they have a firm understanding of any travel issues. So, wait no further and feel free to contact any of the travel agencies mentioned in this article.