Craving Indian food? 10 Best Tiffin Service Providers in Toronto

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Students and corporate professionals are on the go. This is why it is difficult for them to go home for their lunch. A tiffin service provider can give a proper solution to this problem. A tiffin service is a kind of business that delivers food to those who are busy with their work. Tiffin services provide deliveries of meals for lunch or dinner to the specified locations.

There are a large number of Indian tiffin service providers in Toronto. But all of them are not able to impress you. Everyone looks for tasty and healthy dishes in the lunch and dinner menus. Besides, they prefer simple meals prepared in the home style. Moreover, the tiffin packages should be cost-effective. Keeping all the concerns in mind, we are going to make a list of some best-regarded tiffin service providers in Toronto.

Craving Indian food? 10 Best Tiffin Service Providers in Toronto

Here is a list of the 10 best Indian tiffin service providers in Toronto:

01. India’s Flavour

India’s Flavour is a highly recommended homestyle tiffin service provider in Toronto. They serve authentic Indian food to educational institutions and corporate offices. They understand your busy lifestyle.

If you want to get a hassle-free tiffin solution in downtown Toronto, India’s Flavour is the perfect option for you. Their chefs can impress you with their excellent cooking styles. You do not need to worry about your lunch anymore. Just choose one of their weekly or monthly packages. They will deliver fresh food to your doorstep.
Phone: +1 437 430 9990

02. Home Foods

Home Foods is another leading Indian tiffin service provider in Toronto. Their food is surprisingly delicious. The meals are prepared in a way that they seem home-cooked. They deliver fresh food every time. Their meals can lessen your homesickness. This provider has a good name for plenty of varieties that give comfort to your taste buds.

They have three monthly packages: The basic plan (4 roti, 2 veg entrees, and riata) costs $170 per month. The premium plan (8 roti, 2 veg entrees, 8-ounce rice, salad, riata, and dessert once a week) costs $210 per month. And, the economy plan (6 roti, 2 veg entrees, riata, and salad) costs $190 per month.
Phone: +1 647 785 4591

03. Tiffin Stash

Tiffin Stash is a well-known tiffin supplier in Toronto. They provide Punjabi, and Gujarati dishes to your doorstep. Their food is freshly cooked. Traditional dishes are available for delivery. They deliver food at affordable prices.

Tiffin Stash offers fresh, healthy, and delectable meals. So, you do not have to worry about your tiffin meals. Along with the tiffin service, they provide catering services to make your parties, ceremonies, or any events special. Tiffin Stash offers reward programs that save you money. You can earn points on every SAD you spend.
Phone: +1 647 507 8274

04. Koko’s Tiffin

Koko’s Tiffin is a leading Indian restaurant in Toronto. They offer outstanding tiffin service in the city. They provide authentic Punjabi vegetarian food. They change the menu daily so that you do not feel bored. You can try their sample tiffin at $12 only.

They have weekly and monthly packages at reasonable prices. Surprisingly, Koko’s Tiffin offers free delivery in Mississauga, Etobicoke, Brampton, Scarborough, North York, and parts of Toronto. Their goal is to ensure quality service and reliability. You can blindly choose one of their tiffin packages.
Phone: +1 905 781 2300

05. Kerala Lunch Box Tiffin Service

Kerala Lunch Box Tiffin Service is one of the best-regarded Indian tiffin service providers in Toronto. They offer South Indian dishes for students and officials. The food tastes so good as you are eating homemade dishes. The authentic Kerala dishes can impress anyone. Besides, the quantity they serve is sufficient for anyone.

You can subscribe to their weekly or monthly plan. They offer free delivery across the Greater Toronto area. You will like their tiffin service because they always keep variety in the menu.
Phone: +1 647 509 2019

06. Master Ji Tiffin Service

Master Ji Tiffin Service is another well-known tiffin supplier in Toronto. The food they deliver has a decent taste. Besides, they always maintain a clean and sanitary environment. Their homemade food will never disappoint you. You will love their combination of North and South Indian dishes.

The food is delectable. Besides, the quantity is good for a single person. If you are looking for delicious and healthy meals in your tiffin, Master Ji is a perfect option for you. There are variations in their meals. The personnel of this provider are friendly and punctual.
Phone: +1 416 886 0595

07. Anupoorna Tiffin Service

Anupoorna Tiffin Service delivers South Indian dishes to your doorstep across the GTA. The dishes are a perfect blend of a variety of vegetables, fresh ingredients, and delicious flavors. You can explore a diverse menu from their website gallery.

They have both vegetarian and non-vegetarian meal plans. The 1-day non-vegetarian meals cost $55 per week and $205 per month. And, the 5-day vegetarian plan costs $50 per week and $185 per month. Each meal is delicious and healthier. Choose any of the plans that suit you best.
Phone: +1 467 773 6622

08. Bombay Palace (BP) Tiffin

BP Tiffin is another notable Indian tiffin service provider in Toronto. This restaurant is well-known for homestyle North Indian cuisine. They have been serving the community since 1979. They deliver food from 6 pm to 10:30 pm. Time may vary due to weather and traffic conditions.

This establishment is certified by the Halal Meat Association. They can deliver North Indian food to your doorstep at reasonable prices that will not break the bank. You can subscribe to their monthly package which saves money. Each month comprises any 4 weeks.
Phone: +1 647 867 5536

09. LunchBox4You

LunchBox4You is a leading Indian tiffin service provider in GTA. They deliver special veg tiffin to your doorstep. Their food is fresh and healthy. They serve home-prepared meals in Scarborough, Markham, North York, Vaughan, and some more cities.

You can choose any of their three packages: basic pack ($170), premium pack ($190), and jumbo pack ($225). The food is simple but tasty. All the food looks mouthwatering. Besides, meals are prepared in a hygienic environment. The quality and quantity of the dishes are worth the price.
Phone: +1 437 997 4142

10. Satguru Tiffin Service

Satguru Tiffin Service is one of the best-regarded tiffin service providers in Toronto. They offer seven types of tiffin for lunch and dinner: preferred plan, small plan, new budget meal, new student tiffin, new big pack plan, two curries plan, and medium plan.

Each plan costs around $15. You can choose your preferred menu after placing an order. They ensure quick delivery. Enjoy the convenience of delivery and choose from daily, weekly, or monthly meal plans.
Phone: +1 647 365 0885

Final Words

This article can be helpful for you if you are looking for a good Indian tiffin service in Toronto. The providers we have mentioned are well-known for their quality food and outstanding delivery service. Besides, the quantity of food is sufficient for anyone. Moreover, they have several tiffin packages. So, you can choose your preferred one based on your budget and menu preferences.