Looking for Tamil Immigration Lawyers in Scarborough? Check Out Our Top 10 Picks

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Every country has some immigration policies. In the age of globalization, people around the world are moving to foreign countries for study, work, travel, and other purposes. Like other countries, Canada has some legal policies regarding immigration. Hundreds of thousands of people from different countries apply for Canadian visas each year. Many immigrants apply for permanent citizenship. There are a large number of immigration lawyers in Canada to handle these immigration-related issues.

Are you looking for Tamil immigration lawyers in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada? No worries! This article features a comprehensive list of top-rated Tamil immigration lawyers in Scarborough who specialize in various immigration matters. They can help you apply for a permanent resident card, citizenship, work visa, student visa, and so on. These lawyers are talented enough to tackle any critical situations.

10 Best Tamil Immigration Lawyers in Scarborough (Canada)

Here is a list of the 10 best Tamil Immigration Lawyers in Scarborough :

01. Canageswary Rajasingam

Canageswary Rajasingam is a well-known Tamil immigration lawyer in Scarborough. She deals with immigration Law, conveyancing, real estate law, real estate agreements, and real estate legal documents. Her law office is a comfortable environment and accessible to anyone.

Canageswary maintains the utmost courtesy to her clients. She even replies to emails and gives consultations over the phone. Besides, her fees are comparatively good. The Law Office of Canageswary Rajasingam has been serving Tamil immigrants for more than a decade.
Phone: +1 416 754 0002
Address: 3850 Finch Ave E Suite #212, Scarborough, ON M1T 3T6, Canada

02. Nathan Sritharan

Nathan Sritharan is a notable Tamil immigration lawyer in Scarborough. His law office is highly recommended for any immigration-related issues. The firm has some knowledgeable personnel who are very friendly and welcoming.

Mr. Nathan deals with business law, real estate law, criminal law, wills, and probates as well as immigration law. He is a very experienced person. Even on his off days, Nathan gives free consultation to his clients. He knows how to give priority to clients.
Phone: +1 416 499 2760
Address: 305 Milner Ave, Scarborough, ON M1B 3V4, Canada

03. Balachandran Muthaiah

Balachandran Muthaiah is a prominent Tamil immigration lawyer in Scarborough. He deals with immigration law, wills and probates, affidavits, and real estate law. The lawyers in his law office are very knowledgeable and skillful. They can solve all your immigration and visa-related problems.

Clients appreciate their excellent service. They have a loyal customer base. They are well-known for their professionalism and fair prices. They always greet their clients with a smile and give confidence. Clients praise Balachandran and his team for thorough advice.
Phone: +1 416 755 5544
Address: 2401 Eglinton Ave E Suite 300, Scarborough, ON M1K 2M5, Canada

04. Avni Canadian Immigration Consultancy Inc.

Avni Canadian Immigration Consultancy Inc. is one of the best-regarded Tamil law firms. The law firm has some talented lawyers. Mr. Rajan Mahavalirajan is one of them. He handles matters regarding immigration and the refugee board.

The law firm deals with a wide range of issues related to immigration such as visas for students, family, and visitors, quicker entry visas, Canadian citizenship, work permits, detention reviews, etc. Mr. Namu Ponnambalam is an experienced immigration consultant in this law firm who provides consultation to clients.
Phone: +1 416 281 2930
Address: 4168 Finch Ave, East, PH 77 Toronto, Ontario M1S 5H6

05. Nava Wilson LLP

Nava Wilson LLP is a reputed law office in Scarborough. Nava Wilson, Tharshini, and Sudharsan of this law firm can help you with an extensive number of legal issues. Their services include immigration, litigation, real estate law, probate applications, mortgage refinancing, corporate law, commercial litigation, business immigration, and many more.

The firm provides excellent service. Besides, the lawyers are very polite and welcoming. The firm is well-known for its dedicated staff and competitive prices. Moreover, they have a proven track record.
Phone: +1 416 321 1100
Address: 10 Milner Business Ct Suite 210, Scarborough, ON M1B 3C6, Canada

06. Suresh Sriskandarajah

Suresh Sriskandarajah is the founder of Suresh Law Professional Corporation. He and his team deal with business immigration, dispute resolution, real estate law, technology law, commercial law, etc.

Suresh supervises the law office properly. He speaks in Tamil but he also provides services in French. His team is very knowledgeable and professional. They offer cost-effective legal services. This law firm can be an ideal solution for entrepreneurs during challenging times.
Phone: +1 416 847 5305
Address: 1920 Ellesmere Rd Suite #356, Scarborough, ON M1H 3G1, Canada

07. Niroosan Vivekanantharajah

Niroosan Vivekanantharajah is the founder of Niro Law Office. Mr. Niro and Mr. Sakithyan deal with different areas of law including immigration, real estate law, criminal law, landlord and tenant. They focus on their valued clients.

The team emphasizes professionalism, clear communication, optimism, efficiency, and client satisfaction. Niro Law Office is mainly known for its real estate and criminal defense. The lawyers have a deep knowledge of the legal system and ever-changing theories and philosophy of law.
Phone: +1 647 779 9048
Address: 10 Miner Business Ct Suite 300, Scarborough, ON M1B 3C6, Canada

08. KG Law Office

KG Law Office is a trusted place for immigration solutions. Khamy Ganeshathasan is the founder of this law firm. She has a successful academic and professional record.

Khamy and her team deal with immigration law, student visas, tourist visas, citizenship applications, travel consent, PR card applications, invitation letters, etc. The law firm offers services in multiple languages including Tamil, Malayalam, Punjabi, Hindi, and English. They provide services at reasonable costs.
Phone: +1 647 785 5755
Address: 100 Consiliu Place Ste 200, Scarborough M1H 3E3, ON, Canada

09. Kannan Ramnath

Kannan Ramnath is a well-known Tamil immigration lawyer in Scarborough. His law office provides a range of legal services including immigration, study visa, tourist visa, work permit, etc.

The lawyers in this law office are very polite and responsive. They offer legal services to both national and global clients.
Phone: +1 416 609 1300
Address: 5215 Finch Ave E, Scarborough, ON M1S 0C2, Canada

10. Acentia LLP

Acentia LLP is another best-regarded law office in Scarborough. Mukunthan Paramalingham is the founder of this law firm. He and his team deal with different areas of law including immigration, civil dispute, and real estate.

They ensure a satisfactory closing for you and your family. The law office is committed to providing the best possible service.
Phone: +1 416 294 1036
Address: 103 Milner Ave, Scarborough, ON M1S 3R2, Canada

Final Words

These are some best-regarded Tamil law firms in Scarborough. The law firms have highly talented immigration lawyers as mentioned above. They are very courteous and welcoming to their clients. They try their utmost to solve all the legal issues of their clients. The lawyers have an in-depth knowledge of Canadian immigration law and its changing jurisprudence. You can contact any of them for immigration-related legal assistance.