Things to know about Israel

Israel Flag Israel is located in Western Asia at the shore of Mediterranean Sea and Red sea. It is sharing boarders with Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestinian territories and Egypt covering the land area of 22,145 km2 and having the population of 8.884 million approximately.

The capital of Israel is Jerusalem and head of government is also there, Tel Aviv is its technological and economic center. United Nations adopted Partition Plan for Palestine in 1947 the plan was of creating Arab and Jewish states separate and Jerusalem as Internationalized. Jewish agency accepted the plan but Arab leaders neglected it than the Jewish agency declared Israel as an independent state and the Arab-Israel wars began after that, Israel fought a few wars against Arabs and occupied largest military occupation in the world. Israel consider itself a liberal democracy with the parliament system. Israeli legislature is considered as Knesset and head of government the Prime Minister of the state.

Israel is an OCED member and very highly developed country having 31st largest economy by nominal GDP in the world. It has the highest living standard in Middle East.


Israel is on 6th number in the World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Report and on the World’s Bank Ease of Doing Business Index it is on 54th number. Israel was ranked 5th for sharing of people in high skilled employment in the world. The Bank of Israel was filled with 113 billion dollars from foreign exchange reserves.

Main exports of the country are military equipment, software, raw material cut diamonds, chemicals, agricultural products and textile their exports reached up to 60.6 billion dollars in the year of 2017. Israel has ranked 2nd largest startup company ownership in the world and 3rd having NASDAQ listed companies. Microsoft and Intel built their first Research and Development facilities and some of the giants around the world such as Google, IBM, Hewlett-Packard, Apple, Cisco systems, Motorola and Facebook have research and Development centers in Israel.


In Israel there are 4 levels of education and three types of high schools, one is academic high school it prepares their students for culminates in matriculation degree. The second is vocational and technical high school they prepare their students for technical and engineering fields and to build their career in these fields.

The third is comprehensive it offers both of above type of programs. The country is ranked 2nd in the world for students studying in colleges in bachelor’s degree program. There is one fun fact about schools, students call their teachers by their first names.