Things to know about Marshall Islands

Marshall Islands Flag Marshall Islands is a United States Associated state located in Pacific Ocean towards West side of International Date Line. It is basically part of some big group of islands called Micronesia. Marshall Islands have total land area of 181.3 kilometers square and it has population of some the lowest numbers which is 59 thousand. The country based on nearly 1,156 islands and islets. Majuro has the largest portion of the country, larger than any sovereign state of 98% and it is the capital city.

Marshall Islands has no land border sharing but it shares maritime borders with Wake islands. Kiribati, Federal states of Micronesia and Nauru. The capital and the largest part Majuro have 52% of the population of the country approximately, and the country’s 74% of the population is considered as “Urban”, Density of the population indicated by United Nations is 300 per kilometer square.


The country were explored firstly by Europeans in 1520, the names of some explorers by time are Ferdinand Magellan he was a Portuguese explorer in service of Spain, two Spanish explorers Miguel de Saavedra and Juan Sabastian Elcano and John Marshall there from the name Marshall Islands derived in 1788 before that the islands used to called as “Jolat jen Anij” which means “Gifts from God”.

In the beginning Islands were the part of Spanish East Indies near about 1528 and after a long time the German Empire bought the islands and became part of German New Guinea in 1885. Empire of Japan in the World War I occupied the islands in the year of 1920 and in World War II United States due to Gilbert and Marshall Islands Campaign took control over the islands in 1944 and tested their nuclear powers in Bikini Allot in between 1946 and 1958.

In 1965 the Congress of Micronesia formed by U.S for increasing the self- governance of Pacific islands and after a few years in 1979 the country was declared independent by Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands. Since 1983 the country is a member of (SPC) and also became member of United Nations in 1991.

People and Languages

As Marshall Islands has low population, it was lately started to get populated and have citizens. People there are commonly found as Chinese, Americans, Filipinos and people from pacific islands and Japanese there are in majority. Two languages are considered as official languages Marshallese and English and most of the people belongs to Christian community.