Things to know about Nauru

Nauru Flag Republic of Nauru is an island country and it is an microstate of Micronesia, it is also called “Pleasant Islands” located in Central Pacific and it is a subregion of Oceania, as it is an island country it has no land connection/border with any other country but the closest are Solomon Islands, Tuvalu, Papua New Guinea, Banaba Islands, Federal states of Micronesia and Marshall Islands.

The country has very small land area of just 21 kilometers square and that makes it third smallest country in the world and it is also considered as smallest Republic. Nauru has second lowest population of just 10,820 people approximately.

The largest city is Denigomodu and has the population of 3000 approximately, country has such small land area you can easily complete the Islands round by driving 25 minutes non-stop on sealed roads and for bicycle it takes around 5 to 6 hours only and the population covers just 0.00014% of the world’s population.


In 9th century the country was claimed as a colony of German Empire, it became a member of League of Nations mandate managed by three countries United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand after World War I, but Japanese troops hold the position in World War II.

Nauru became an independent country in the year of 1968 and became member of (SPC) in the next year 1969, the country is also member of Pacific Islands Forum, Commonwealth of Nations and United Nations.


The economy of the country reached its peak in 1970s when GDP was 50,000 US dollars and most of it came from mining of phosphate. RONPhos also known as Nauru Phosphate Corporation conducts small-scale mining and the government placed percentage on RONPhos which they put into Nauru Phosphate Royalties Trust which was made to help and support the citizens after the phosphate exhausted incident.

The country had some failed investments due to mismanagement in the face of Leanardo the Musical in the year of 1993, in 2004 Nauru house located in Melbourne Australia was sold and these lost may never recovered fully. The unemployment rate is near about 23% , in the years of 2017 and 2018 Minister for Finance forecasts 128 million dollars in revenues for economic support and growth of the nation.

People, Language and Religion

Near about 58% of the people are Nauruan while 26% belongs to other Pacific Islands and European and Chinese are in minority here. Nauruan is the official language of the country and Micronesian language also used to speak at homes even English is spoken widely around the country. Dominant religion there is Christianity while Roman Catholics are also the big part of the country.