Things to know about Palau

Palau Flag Palau situated in the western Pacific oceans. 340 coral and volcanic islands are present in Palau. It was a member of the UN Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands, set up in 1947 and managed by the United States. Koror Island, which is 628 meters high only south of Babelthuap, was the country's former capital. It is the largest populated city. Melekeok turned into the money in October 2006. The site in Melekeok, where the nation's statehouse complex found, is called Ngerulmud. According to the census of 2020 total population of Palau is 18,094.

The official name of Palau is Beluu er a Belau. The total area of the country is 59 km². It has eight main islands plus more than 250 islets. The official languages are English (spoken in 16 states) and Palauan. The total literacy rate of this country is almost 92%. US dollar is used as currency here. Minerals, marine products, forests, and deep seabed minerals found in Palau. Cassava, sweet potatoes, coconuts, and copra are the agriculture products of the state.


Palau faces a tropical rainforest atmosphere. It has yearly mean temperature of 28 °C, which 82 degrees in Fahrenheit. Rainfall observed in Palau country every year is approximately averaging 3,800 mm. Humidity is almost 82% here. Most precipitation occurs between July and October.

Economy Dependence

The total economy of the country depends upon the travel industry, tourism, farming, and fishing. Most tourists focus on swimming scuba diving and in the islands' rich marine. Micronesia overall provides twice the income population enjoy.

Tourist Attractions

Chelbacheb( The Rock Islands of Palau) is a collection of coral uprises or limestone are surfaced to form lagoon between Peleliu and Koror and are currently a consolidated piece of Koror State.

The central state containing the fundamental business focus of the Republic of Palau is Koror. There are several islands; the most renowned is Koror Island. About 65% of the population lives in Koror. The country's largest city and capital, called Koror or Koror City, are situated here. The total population of Koror is 11,200.

Babeldaob is an island situated in Palau. It is a dense jungle and rural island with beaches.

Ngardmau is the biggest waterfall in Palau. It situated in the city of Micronesia. Tourists from all over the world come here to see this beautiful waterfall.