Things to know about Suriname

Suriname Flag Suriname is situated in the Northeastern Atlantic coast of South America. Its forests dominate the country of Suriname. That is why the temperature there is low, and the climate is perfect. The country exports gold, petroleum and bauxite etc. The wheel of the country runs on them. The official language spoken in Suriname is Dutch. The total population in 2019 was 566,390. It is one of the smallest and developing country in South America. Commodity mining is the source of Suriname's economy.


The country has a dynamic and diverse culture due to its varied people. The people of Suriname have come from other countries like Indonesia, China, Africa, etc., so the food there is extensive. People there eat roti, pom, snesi, foroe, and many other delicacies and enjoy each other's dishes. Essential foods include rice, cassava, and bread. The locals use coconut and cassava sweet cakes, raisins and almond cakes.

The Capital

Paramaribo is the national capital, also the largest city and port of the country. It is built on the shingle reef. It is located on the river from the Atlantic Ocean. The climate of Paramaribo is tropical. There are usually four seasons; The city does not experience dry weather all year round. The average rainfall throughout the year is more than 60mm. According to the 2012 census, Paramaribo has a total population of 240,924. The city is famous for its diverse ethnic composition.

Most Popular Tourist Attractions

This country is a whole of gems; tropical paradise and hospitable people. There are many flavours of food here. Due to the mixture of people from different countries, the culture here is also beautiful. The best place for tourists in Suriname is Paramaribo which is also the capital of this country. This city is very historical.

It is also an excellent place for food-loving tourists. Those who want to taste the flavours of the world from a single platform are sure to come here. Kwatta Sunday Market and Chinese market are the best markets here where you can find Indian, African and Chinese flavours. People go to Jakarta Restaurant for Javanese food.

Lelydorp is a village which is considered to be the second-largest urban centre of the country. The local crafts scenes of this place become the inspiration of the tourists. Here near the village people are seen doing stunning woodwork.

Johanna-Margaretha resort is located in the northeast of Paramaribo. It is an essential place for the adventurous activities of travellers. Besides, the plantation, river dolphins and caiman hunting at night make people crazy.