General Information About Switzerland

Switzerland Flag Swiss Confederation commonly known as Switzerland is one of the most naturally gifted country around the world got freedom from “The Holy Roman Empire” in 1291 on 1st of August, this act is formally called “Westphalia”. Swiss people celebrate Swiss National Day on every 1st August every year. It is ranked 4th around the world for its flawless natural beauty.

It is a landlocked country surrounded by Italy, France, Austria, Liechtenstein and Germany and it has four official languages German, French, Italian, Romansh and 60% of the land is covered by Alpes.

Switzerland is such a remarkable country when it comes upon peace and quality life style though it has one the finest army it never took a part in any international war and not even a part of United Nations till 2002, but it’s the birth place of the second largest UN office “The Red Cross” in Geneva.

In 2013 the country was declared the world’s best place to born and ranked first among 132 countries for safeguarding the environment by “Environment Performance Index” in 2014 and it has the third largest life expectance rate up to 83 years just because of its quality life style.


Most of the cities in this country are located very close to the coast. Algiers is the most populous city with 2.594 million inhabitants and Oran is the second largest city with 856,000 inhabitants in the northwest of the country.

The Sahara Desert covers 80% of most of the country, which is why dry weather prevails throughout most of the year. Another unique feature of the climate here is the Sirocco wind. Which is hot, sandy and light wind and that is why it sometimes causes sandstorms.

Most Famous Things

Some of the famous things about Switzerland are its Lindt chocolates, Swiss people loves chocolate its 8.5 million population consume more than 20kg which is 22 pounds in a single year and produce up to 150 tones chocolate and export 50% of it. They love to play sports, snowboarding, ice hockey, rugby, motorsports, and there is a unique style of wrestling which makes it their national game.

Main Source of Income:

One of the biggest sources of income is its export of Watches there are many world class watches made by Switzerland and having big name in the market such as Rolex, Omega, Cartier, Longines, Tissot and many more, Rolex invented the first waterproof watch in 1926.


Switzerland’s Transport system is simply amazing, you can go anywhere every corner of the country just by buying one ticket of the local train and they are always on time not even a single minute late that’s why Swiss people use to travel in local transport rather than buying their own cars.


Switzerland is world’s premier private banking center due to safety like perfection and lowest crime rate in the world. It holds up to ¼ of the world’s private wealth in their best banking system.