General Information about Uruguay

Uruguay Flag Uruguay located in the southeastern of South America. Charùa people have been inhibited here for almost 4000 years. The national language of Uruguay is Spanish. The languages spoken in the regions are Uruguayan and Portuguese. In 2020, Luis Lacalle Pou was named President of the country. Peso Urugyuayo is the currency used in this country.


Montevideo is the capital of Uruguay. The Governor of Buenos Aires founded it. The city is responsible for handling all of Eurasia's domestic trade. Most wool, meat, and hide are exported here, for making and packing refrigerators, etc. The city has textile factories, shoes, soap, textiles, etc.

Famous Theaters and Park

The famous theaters are San Felipe Theater, Solis Theater. The National Museum of History, the National Museum of Arts, the National Museum of History, and the National Museum Library located in the same capital. The famous park is called Battle y Ordòñez. There are also stadiums and Bethlehem recreational facilities.


Uruguay's climate is mild almost all year round. There is regular rainfall throughout the year. In winter, the temperature here is between 10 and 16 degrees Celsius. In summer it goes up to 21 to 28 degrees Celsius. Uruguay is also at risk of flooding.

Interesting Facts

Uruguay is the second smallest country in South America. It is the first country to distribute free laptops to every child in its school.

Uruguay is also the humblest head of state. The nation has the lowest level of corruption in Latin America. It ranks first among the secular countries of South America. Football is considered to be the most popular sport in Uruguay.

Tourist's Attractions

Punta Del Este is a city called "The Pearl of Atlantic". The most famous monument here is called Giant Sculpture Hand. It is the land of the oceans. Rio de la Plata, glitzy Punta del Este saltwater and freshwater beaches, where tourists feel inspire.
Colonia Del Sacramento is the most enchanting place and is the historical quarter. It is the most magical destination in terms of a historical point of view.
Montevedio is the oldest town that offers tourists places to visit such as Plaza Independecia and Peatonal Sarandi, Mercado Del Puerto and Museo Del Carnaval.
Here you can see the whole wine circuit. There are about 270 wineries spread all over Uruguay, Cabo Polonio is a natural refuge in Uruguay. It is an area free from the noise population. It is a fishing village where there are no necessary facilities like gas and electricity, but in beauty, it is its example.
Acuífero Guran is considered the world's third-largest freshwater reserve