The 10 best affordable Jewellery brands in Bangladesh 2023

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It is inherent to human nature to desire to present oneself in a beautiful manner. One way individuals enhance their appearance is by adorning themselves with ornaments. Gold ornaments, in particular, are sought after to embellish and showcase a pleasing and elegant appearance.

For centuries, ornaments have been utilized as a means of enhancing one's beauty. Many ornaments shop has been built in our county according to human needs. There are so many designs and brands of jewellery in our country.

10 Best Jewellery Brands in Bangladesh

Here are the top ten Jewellery brands in BD:

01. Amin Jewellers for Gold & Diamond

Amin Jewellers gained a lot of popularity from the very beginning. It was established in 1966. To people, Amin jewellery is an entrusted and very captivating jewellery in Bangladesh.

Because of its clarity as well as gorgeous designs females are attracted very adorably. Also here, standardized quality and customer's desire is given the priority. In present, it maintains their popularity in the same way.

02. Diamond World

Diamond World is a renowned and prominent name in the world of diamond jewellery. It is one of the largest companies for the diamond jewellery in Bangladesh. Rich people gathering is commonly seen.

They offer a wide range of certified diamond jewellery, including engagement rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and more. Every piece of jewellery undergoes rigorous quality checks and is meticulously crafted by skilled artisans.

03. Al-Amin Jewellers

Al-Amin Jewellers is an old gold jewellery brand in Bangladesh, established in 2000. They provided the best and gorgeous gold ornaments with innovative designs. This brand is very familiar to all over the world.

They offer a wide range of designs, including gold, diamond, and platinum pieces. The dexterity of the Al Amin brand is very famous. Customers can get their desired design very easily yet.

04. Apan Jewellers

Apan Jewellers constitute both gold and diamond jewellery. It is the largest brand with a magnificent combination in Bangladesh. They make unique design ornaments for regular use and price is very low.

Young girls are very much attracted to them. They also make many new ornaments for the regular use of young girls. They are famous for managing their store with great skill.

05. Venus Jewellers Bangladesh

These are very much popular for bridal designs. The main product of their shop is wedding jewellery. Their services are also good. customers can get their personalized design here. They make all kinds of wedding jewellery with their own craftsmen. This is why they are so famous.

06. Sultana Jewellers Ltd

It is one of the trusted brands for its creative, excellent, and innovative designs. There are many unique collections. Their product quality is so good and it cost also convenient for the customers. For its unique aesthetics collection, it added beauty to our special moments and make us delighted.

07. Malabar Gold and Diamond

One reliable shop for diamond ornaments is Malabar gold and Diamond. It is an Indian jewellery company. They have many branches in different countries along with Bangladesh, which is located in Dhaka. Malabar is familiar all over the world for its aristocrat and innovative designs of both gold and diamond jewellery. Gatherings of all kinds of customers can be seen there.

08. Gitanjali Jewellers

One of the most popular jewellery brands in Bangladesh. They started their journey with wholesale. Gitanjali is the first brand that introduces diamond jewellery in Bangladesh. They were the main suppliers of diamond jewellery to top companies. Their services are very excellent and provide jewellery at an affordable cost. Gitanjali is Very trusted by everyone.

09. PLC Jewellers

One of the popular imitation jewellery brand in Bangladesh. They have many unique jewellery designs and expert craftsmanships. Because of its simplicity, you can order online with guarantee.

10. Ripon Store Imitation Jewelry

Ripon store journey started in 1984. Here, customers can get their desired design very effortlessly. Customers can buy their set one's heart on ornaments at a very affordable price. Ripon Store is one of the most popular names for the middleclass people.

Among all of the brands, Amin Jewellers is very famous for its better services and standard quality. Because people can get both gold and diamond ornaments in the same place. And also for its aristocrat and unique designs. But when it comes to buying diamond ornaments, Diamond World is very famous and common name. Those Ornaments enhance the beauty of the people.